Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Annual Campus Clean Up Day

The Student Union Assembly and the Sustainability Office's Zero Waste Team have teamed up to coordinate the First Annual Campus Clean-Up Day on April 25! The vision for this event is to bring students and campus users together to clean up our beautiful campus and shed light on littering issues and improper cigarette butt disposal. We hope to create an event that motivates campus users to properly dispose of waste and encourages campus stewardship.

To make this a event a huge success, we would like to collaborate with as many student organizations as possible! If you are interested in being part of the planning sub-committees, helping with outreach, or simply want more details about the event please attend our Campus Cleanup Stakeholders Forum on Monday March 2nd in the SUA Office.

The sub-committees will be broken down as follows:
Food: Determines and acquires food/snacks that will be distributed throughout the event.
Entertainment/Activities: Develops and plans for activities/entertainment that will be held during the event.
Mapping & Facilitation: Creates and designates clean up zones and assists with recruiting clean-up facilitators for each college/region.
Supplies: Assists with acquiring, distributing and tracking clean-up supplies to all colleges.
Outreach: Focuses on promoting event and encouraging student, staff and faculty participation.
Waste Education: Works with the Zero Waste Team on waste education trainings for college clean-up facilitators.

Again, if you are interested in getting involved in the sub-committees or just want more details about the event come to our meeting on Monday March 2nd in the SUA Office overlooking Quarry Plaza. Pizza will be provided.

Lets make this event a success and clean-up our beautiful campus!  Please contact Sammy Astrachan at sastrach [at] ucsc [dot] edu to get involved.

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