Monday, February 22, 2016

Stories of Sustainability Research and Engagement from the Students and Scholars at UC Santa Cruz

Kristy Kroeker, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, isn't just interested in how climate change is impacting the world's oceans. She's also interested in sharing that research with the public and policy makers in order to enact solutions, as well as helping other scientists and researchers communicate their work.

Building from of a new graduate course,  Communicating Sustainability Science and Policy,  taught by Professors Kroeker and Mark Carr this summer, Professor Kroeker has started a blog to feature UCSC student and faculty research and engagement on issues of sustainability. The Coastal Sustainability blog provides a platform for students in the course to continue practicing their science communication, as well as to highlight UCSC's leadership in sustainability research more broadly and coastal sustainability more specifically. The Stories of Sustainability Research and Engagement from the Students and Scholars at UC Santa Cruz blog will be featured each month in our Sustainability Newsletter under "Research Stories."

The blog is available online here.

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