Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Camper Park Wins Hydration Games

Following 20 days of intense water conservation competition between campus residents, the winner of the Fall 2016 Hydration Games has been announced.  With an incredible water-use reduction of 39 gallons per person, residents of the Camper Park stepped up to claim the Colleges, Housing, & Educational Services Student Sustainability Adviser Hydration Games Trophy.  Second place was a tie between Cowell College and Family Student Housing, each conserving 34 gallons per person.  The Village came in third with 32 gallons per person.

Congratulations to our campus' Student Sustainability Advisers, who coordinated the competition and whose education and outreach efforts continue to inspire water conservation.  And congratulations to all who make an effort to save water.  You are all winners in the Earth's eyes!

UCSC Student Sustainability Advisors with the Hydration Games trophy and CHES - SSA Award Plaque. Photo Credit: UC Santa Cruz SSA.

 See how your residential area scored on the SSA's leaderboard!

Area-------------------Water reduction (gallons) per person
Camper Park---------------------------39
Family Student Housing-------------34
Cowell College-------------------------34
The Village------------------------------32
Redwood Grove------------------------21
Porter College--------------------------20
Merrill College--------------------------17
Graduate Student Housing---------14
Crown College-------------------------10
Stevenson College-------------------- 7
Kresge College-------------------------5
College Nine----------------------------4
College Ten-----------------------------2
Rachel Carson College------------ 0.5
Oakes College------------------------+11

Source: UC Santa Cruz SSA Facebook Page

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