Wednesday, April 26, 2017

May 2017: Zero Waste Green Tip

This year's Earth Summit, hosted by the Student Environmental Center, was an extremely successful Zero Waste event. This is not uncommon as other Earth Summits in the past have been Zero Waste. However, as UCSC begins to work its way towards Zero Waste by 2020, more and more events are joining the movement.

A Zero Waste Event follows sustainable practices with the goal of generating the least amount of trash possible. Event coordinators should take measures to reduce plastics, paper and trash at the event by purchasing compostable rather than recyclable or landfill materials for the event, sending out flyers over email and social media instead of printing, and asking attendees to bring their own reusable bottles and utensils.

During the event, make sure to follow the three steps: Educate, Monitor, Reduce. Trash talkers are highly important components to a Zero Waste Event as they volunteer as monitors and educators to ensure that waste is disposed of properly, reducing the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill.

The Zero Waste Team in the Sustainability Office is happy to help with coordinating your next Zero Waste Event! For more information on Zero Waste events at UCSC, check out the Sustainability Office website section on hosting these events.

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