Wednesday, August 2, 2017

September 2017: Internships, Employment and Volunteering

Farm Fuel Internship: No Deadline
Farm Fuel Inc is a small company based in Watsonville working towards solving global problems with sustainable solutions on farms and gardens.  We research alternatives to chemical fumigation, pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide use.  Interns will assist with collecting field data, entering the data and keeping it organized, weighing fruit loads from test strawberry plots, writing literature reviews, tabling with our company at local educational events, learning how a small office runs and learning all about how an organic agricultural company works.  For more information visit their website. Contact Person: Anna Brown  415-342-7822

California Native Garden Foundation Intern: No Deadline
Interns will assist in various tasks on the site, which includes: 1. Nursery and garden tasks: Building native plant inventory through plant propagation, planting, and seed collecting. We may ask for some interns to help out with maintenance at gardens that we have designed or at projects that we are working on (which will include planting and seed collecting). 2. Aquaponics: Maintaining the aquaponics system, planting crop plugs into the rafts, helping with growing produce for aquaponics, fish care. 3. Grant writing: We are constantly writing grants to fund our non-profit and are always looking for students who are interested in the budgeting and funding aspects of environmental agencies. Find more information here.

California Native Plant Society - Native Botany Internship: Deadline ASAP Spot for Fall
Under the direction of Jim Velzy, the intern will grow out seeds of uncommon Santa Cruz County native vascular plant species. The aims of this project are threefold: 1) to increase seed to be housed at conservation seed banks including the UCSC Arboretum, and 2) to document propagation methods used on seeds for future reference, and 3) to create vouchered specimens for the herbarium housed at the Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History. Find more information here.

9-month Facilities/ Energy Efficiency Fellowship 

The UCSC Energy Department has partnered with SEI and Climate Corps to offer a full-time, 9-month Facilities/ Energy Efficiency Fellowship. We are looking to hire immediately, please start the application process here. The UCSC position is not yet listed, but an early application will help us get past the initial screening process quickly. This is a project based position, centered around the audit and verification of relationships between buildings and utility meters on campus. This will involve reviewing and auditing construction (civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical) drawings, field visits to verify mechanical and electrical equipment in buildings, having conversations with skilled craft technicians to uncover institutional knowledge about buildings and energy using systems on campus, detailing clear documentation of all findings, and eventually creating virtual meters that calculate utility consumption for every single building on campus. Engineering and/or Environmental Studies backgrounds are desired, but not required. The necessary tasks for this project can be taught, but we would love to find a UCSC grad, preferably someone mechanically inclined, with a passion for sustainability, who is reliable and shows initiative. If that sounds like you, please start the application process now! For more information please email UCSC Energy Analyst, Erik Eriksen at

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