Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crowdfunding for the Provost's Sustainability Internship (PSI)

The Provost's Sustainability Internship (PSI) is fundraising to help develop and expand the opportunities students and staff have to get involved in sustainability.

Sustainability and the Grateful Dead Library were identified as pilot projects to test a new UCSC crowdfunding program. PSI was specifically identified as an opportunity for fundraising because the program serves the broader sustainability efforts on campus, it supports the campus sustainability plan, and contributes to a transformative student experience by partnering students with staff to complete projects related to sustainability.

Our goal is to raise $3,000 in one month. (Grateful Dead Library exceeded its goal of $10,000 in one month earlier this Fall) $3,000 will fund 2 PSI positions for a year. These funds will directly support students and staff, it will allow the program to diversify its funding stream creating space for new opportunities to grow and encourage participation by departments that have not participated in PSI in the past.

There are two ways you can support this effort.

  • First, please considering donating, at whatever level you are comfortable. One of the amazing things about crowdfunding is watching small donation of $10 or $25 add up! 
  • Second, we encourage you to share this opportunity with your networks, whether is is through sending an email, posting on Facebook, or talking to friend and/or colleagues. The broader the spread of outreach the greater the opportunity for success. These funds will directly support students and staff making tangible and positive contributions to sustainability on campus, as well as encourage participation by departments that have not participated in PSI in the past but who would benefit from the organizational and financial support the program provides. If this effort is successful, we anticipate future fundraising efforts for other sustainability opportunities and we look forward to working with many of you to develop what those opportunities might be!
Thank you for supporting campus sustainability!

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