Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cultivating a Daily Revolution: Film Series


Hello everyone,  I am Adriana Murguia , I am part of the FoCAN leadership team and this quarter I will be leading the “Cultivating a Daily Revolution” gatherings. I look forward to sharing my interests and familiarity with you all for the next ten weeks! 

This spring,  Friends of the Community Agroecology Network (FoCAN) will be re-establish its weekly gatherings and will be bringing a weekly film series. This quarter, our Cultivating a Daily Revolution (CDR) will consist of a series of movies and documentaries relating to themes and topics of: agroecology, food security, sustainability and globalization. The films will be in no particular order and will depend on what people are interested in learning about.  The gatherings will consist of free dinner and discussion. 

We will be meeting: Wednesday Nights 7-9pm at the Ethnic Resource Center  (ERC) Lounge above the Baytree bookstore. Stairs and elevators are located to the right of the express store. Our first meeting will be April 15th.  

List of Films:
MST: Brazil's Landless Worker Movement. Understanding the formation of international, agricultural social movements and how they incorporate Agroecology.
Tambien la Lluvia( Even the Rain)- Water Wars:  Hasta la lluvia is a film that  about water privatization in Peru. Learn about multilateral development agencies and what alternatives grassroots movements have provided in the face of liberalism. Water Wars is a documentary on water issues in India reflecting on the monopolization of water and the erosion of communities.
Our land, Our future: Documentary made by Three Americas,a Santa Cruz based solidarity organization with the people of Latin America. This documentary underlines indigenous land rights and environmental issues in Nicaragua. Let’s have a discussion about the Nicaraguan Canal.
When the Mountains Tremble: Film on the war between the Guatemalan military and indigenous communities.
Cocalero- Mary full of Grace: Understanding global commodities and will then implement its framework in understanding the commodification of cocaine in Latin America.
Seeds of Freedom: Explore diverse farming systems around the word and how seeds have become monopolized by the global food system.
A film about Coffee- Hot Coffee: follow the production of coffee from farm to consumption. The film opens a door to understanding specialty coffee.

Sponsored by: El Centro Chicano Resource center  

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