Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Campus Cleanup Day

The towering redwood trees, walkways lined with a carpet of ferns and blackberry bush, and of course the family of deer nonchallantly staring at passerbys - all token components that set the scene of UCSC. It is because of my appreciation for the beautiful space that our campus inhabits that I'm too often flabbergasted to come across candy wrappers and chip bags, food scraps and paper coffee cups, littered throughout the grounds.

If you share a similar sentiment - often finding yourself stopping to pickup litter and dispose of it in the closest proper receptacle, unconcerned with the idea that it is someone else's trash - you will be stoked for our upcoming Campus Cleanup Day! Hosted by the Student Union Assembly in collaboration with the Sustainability Office's Zero Waste Team, the event aims to raise awareness of waste on campus, and sustain the physical environment that UCSC calls home for the wellbeing of ourselves and the organisms we share it with! Come out to the Quarry on Sunday, April 26th where we will break off into teams to pcikup trash from 11am - 2pm, with a celebratory event to follow to enjoy food, games, and tabling! Check out the Facebook page for more info!

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