Monday, May 2, 2016

Main Bike Path Closed for Construction

Bicycle Safety Improvement Project, Summer 2016 
Main Bike Path Closed for Construction 

Please note that the entire Main Bike Path (starting at the intersection with Ranch View Road and ending at the top of the path near the Music Center) will be CLOSED this summer after Commencement on June 13 through September 16, 2016. 

This area will be closed to bicyclists, pedestrians, and personal vehicles. Please be aware and use alternate routes. This construction project proposes to realign and re-grade the downhill bike path near the Village Road/Farm Service Road crossing including realignment of the intersection. The combination of the proposed intersection improvements and the bicycle path grade changes and realignment will greatly increase the sight distance for both cyclists traveling downhill and vehicles entering the intersection. Cyclists will also be able to maintain better control of their speed and bicycle as they approach this intersection due to a longer, smoother, curve.

Reconstruction of this section of the bike path is a campus priority in order to reduce the number of bicycle-related accidents and injuries. It will be constructed in conjunction with the development of the first phase of the Recycle Recovery Yard facility above the Farm.

The UCSC campus has been awarded $383,000 in state Active Transportation Program (ATP) funds for safety improvements and realignment of the Great Meadow Bike Path Safety Improvement Project. The grant funds will be supplemented with approximately $50,000 in campus funds.

View the closure map here.

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