Tuesday, May 3, 2016

UCSC Climate Visioning Charrette

On Thursday, April 14th, UC Office of the President hosted a Climate Visioning Charrette at UC Santa Cruz, which was facilitated by a consultant team and included presentations by UCSC and UCOP staff.

All 10 UC campuses have been hosting these charrettes to support the achievement of President Napolitano’s ground-breaking goal of reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2025. The purpose of this workshop was to engage key academic, administrative, and operational leadership in order to start developing a cohesive vision towards achieving this ambitious goal. Nearly 40 UCSC staff, administrators, faculty, and students attended the charrette on April 14th.

Goals for the UCSC charrette included the following:

  • Facilitate individual campus efforts towards carbon neutrality
  • Leverage, support, and expand existing campus-level carbon neutrality efforts
  • Align carbon neutrality efforts and collaboration between campuses, the U.C. Office of the President, and the U.C. Carbon Neutrality
  • Create a carbon neutrality vision statement
  • Identify key strategies and next steps for carbon neutrality at the campus level and across the UC system 
Desired Outcomes included:

  • Draft a vision statement 
  • Draft a list of strategies
  • Develop an initial implementation approach
The UCSC Campus Snapshot that was presented at this event is available online here. A report from this event is currently being developed and will be available soon. For more information, please contact Climate Action Manager Chrissy Thomure.

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