Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing: PROPS PLOPS - Sustainability stories from offices in the Program Recognizing Offices Practicing Sustainability (PROPS).

This week, students of PROPS, UCSC's own green office certification program sat down with representatives of the Program's most recent participants located off campus at 2300 Delaware: Enterprise Financial Systems and Extra Mural Funds. In the meeting, PROPS witnessed another example showing that UCSC's commitment to sustainability is not limited to campus boundaries. 

Written by Rebekah Jamison, a green liaison of Extra Mural Funds, below is a description of a great initiative that EMF has taken to reduce paper towel consumption.

"I noticed we had one towel in our kitchen area that seemed to get a lot of use. I use to be in charge of washing the reusable hand towels for my daughter's kindergarten class and thought I should do that for work. During Bring Your Towel to Work Week, I thought I would start doing just that. I put a pile of hand towels in the kitchen area and then got the idea to put a bucket that says "dirty towels" also in the kitchen area. I then decided that I would be responsible for bringing the towels home weekly and washing them with my towels at home. 

PROPS Interns Assessing the Cantu Center

"Another staff member and I started talking about this one day and she said she also had a bunch of old towels she could bring in. Since then, we go through a bucket of towels about every two weeks. I take 
them home to wash them, and my colleague has also volunteered to take them home from time to time. The towels are being used daily and I really think it has made a huge difference in how many paper towels we use in our kitchen area."

This is not the only example of an office kicking the paper towel habit - UCSC's Purchasing Department recently coordinated an entire week devoted to reusable towel usage. More news on this event coming soon!

PROPS and the Sustainability Office commend all offices that take innovative initiatives like this to improve the sustainability of their daily operations. We challenge all offices to show UCSC how sustainable they can be!

For more information on the Green Office Certification Program (formerly PROPS) and a list of its certified offices, visit the website!

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