Tuesday, May 15, 2012

June 2012: Clubs, Gardens & Hikes

Volunteer in the Arboretum Eucalyptus Grove: Mondays 9 AM
Help out the Arboretum at UC Santa Cruz as a volunteer in the Eucalyptus Grove. The group meets on Mondays from 9 AM until noon in the Eucalyptus Grove, opposite Western Drive. Parking is available in the Grove for these Monday morning work parties. Please bring hat, gloves, water, and layers of clothing. Tools will be provided.

Natives First Gardeners at the Arboretum: Tuesdays 9 AM
This weeding group was formed to help with the Entrance Native Garden at the Arboretum on Tuesday mornings at 9 AM. Enjoy a friendly group, and get involved in beautifying this ongoing project while enjoying the beauty of the California Native collection. Bring gloves, water, and sun protection. For more information, click here.

Friends of Community Agroecology Network Celebration Dinner: Tuesday, June 5, 6-8 PM
FoCAN is a student-initiated, student-led community at UCSC that supports CAN's mission of promoting rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems through action education and participatory action research. Join FoCAN for their end-of-the-year celebration on Tuesday, June 5, to have a potluck and celebrate FoCAN and the community they have fostered throughout the quarter. The celebration will take place at the Sustainable Living Center in the Village, building A. Find out more about FoCAN here.

Natural History Club: Wednesdays at 4 PM
The Natural History Club is all about exploring the natural spaces on and around our beautiful campus. They go on hikes around campus, learning about its natural history. They focus on learning plants, birds, animal tracking, mushrooms, and anything they discover. Overall the club seeks to deepen members' understanding, awareness and connection with nature. Visit the Natural History Club Facebook group for meeting times, locations and more information.

Student Environmental Center: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM
The purpose of the Student Environmental Center is to promote student involvement through research, education, and implementation of environmentally sustainable practices on campus in collaboration with the university. SEC's General Gatherings take place in the College 8 Red Room. Vegetarian dinner provided. For more information, visit their website or send them an email.

Path to a Greener Stevenson: Thursdays 8-9 PM
Path to a Greener Stevenson (PTAGS) meets in the Stevenson House 2 lounge. They are currently working on a pilot program to remove paper towels from the dorms, as well as planning end-of-the-year swap meets. They will be holding a swap meet at Rock & Roll on the Knoll on June 3, from 12-5 PM. For more information, visit the Facebook group or email Blake Redding.

Gardeners' Alliance Gatherings
The Gardeners' Alliance is a group within SEC's Students for Organic campaign that works to  promote the campus gardens and unite the garden-friendly community by creating a space to promote and share information between campus gardeners and the students of UCSC. Email Dominique for information about timing and locations. To see a list of on-campus gardens, visit the Gardeners' Alliance website here.

Stevenson Garden Work Days: Fridays 12 - 5 PM
If you would like to volunteer and get involved with the Stevenson Garden, they will be having work days every Friday from 12 - 5 PM for the rest of spring quarter! To learn more about the Garden, check out the website or email Blake Redding. If you're interested in a Garden Internship, click here.

Citrus Butternut Stack from a Farm Friday in February at the Crown/Merrill Dining Hall. To view more photos of Farm Fridays, click here.
Each week, one dining hall features a dish incorporating ingredients from the UCSC Farm and other local organic farms in the region. The food is delicious, and it feels great to be eating the most local food possible! For more information, contact Candy Berlin or view the Farm Fridays schedule here.

Final PICA Garden Workday: Saturday, June 2 10 AM - 2 PM
PICA's final Garden Workday for Spring quarter is on Saturday, June 2, from 10 AM - 2 PM at the PICA Gardens in the Village. A delicious garden grown lunch will be served. These events are free, open to all UCSC students, and no registration is needed--just show up! For questions or more information, contact Bethany Hecht.

Kresge Garden Work Days: Sundays 10 AM - 2 PM 
Join fellow gardeners at the Kresge Garden workday and workshop every Sunday! Bring a dish to share for the potluck lunch! To see what the weekly workshop will be, check out the website.

Social Media Think Tank
Founded by two members of on-campus sustainability organizations, this think tank seeks to bring together the ideas and experiences of anyone and everyone on the UCSC campus who has an interest in using social media for marketing or who has had experience with successful social media outreach. All are welcome to attend. Meeting times, locations, and topics will be posted on the Facebook group. For more information, or if you would like to join the discussion, please contact Melissa Ott.

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