Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Campus Sustainability Plan Workshops

Want to participate in creating new goals for the Campus Sustainability Plan? October is the month for topic planning workshops!

What is the Campus Sustainability Plan?
The Campus Sustainability Plan is a document that identifies goals for UCSC to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of campus operations. It represents the campus’s first comprehensive effort to build a cohesive, phased strategy for the future. Individuals from across UCSC’s administrative and academic divisions helped create it. By working together, they helped raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities of creating a more sustainable campus. It's time to revisit this document and develop new goals for the coming years.

Get Involved 
Workshops are being held this month to start drafting goals and objectives for each topic in the new Campus Sustainability Plan for the years 2013-2016! The workshops will consists of all the staff and faculty members of each Topic Working Group, as well as any students who are interested in participating. The Working Groups are eager to include the student voice as much as possible!

If you are interested in participating, here is the information regarding the Topic Planning Workshops scheduled throughout October.

If you would like to attend one (or more), or can even attend for just one hour, please e-mail Elida Erickson and she can give you some more specific information about those topics.

Here is the link to the current Campus Sustainability Plan 2010-2013 if you'd like to familiarize yourself with the document.

CSP Topic Planning Workshop schedule

  • Food Systems Working Group: Tues. 10/2, 1pm-4pm, Kerr Hall Room 307
  • Procurement & Business Contracts: Tues. 10/9, 1pm-4pm, 2300 Delaware room A275G
  • Waste and Recycling: Thurs. 10/18, 1pm-4pm, Chancellor's Conference Room Kerr 212
  • Transportation: Tue. 10/23, 1pm-4pm, Kerr Hall Room 61
  • Water: Tue. 10/23, 1:30-3:30pm, Barn G, Physical Planning & Construction Conference Room
  • Buildings & Facilities: Wed. 10/24, 1pm-4pm, Barn G, Physical Planning & Construction Conference Room
  • Energy: Tue. 10/30, 9am-12pm, Barn G, Physical Planning & Construction Conference Room
  • Land Habitat & Watershed: Date and Time TBD, Location TBD (likely Kerr Hall)
  • Awareness, Education & Engagement: Date and Time TBD, Location TBD (likely Kerr Hall)

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