Sunday, November 25, 2012

Green Office Certification: All Around Campus

The Green Office Certification team--formerly known as PROPS--is working hard and growing fast in its second full year of operation. Already this quarter we have certified Environmental Health and Safety, the Sustainability Office, and the Natural Reserves Office, with many more scheduled to participate in winter quarter. (For a complete list of certified offices, please visit our website.

Composed of 4 students and facilitated by intern coordinator Shauna Casey, the Green Offices program is an effective educating tool that works to spread sustainable office practices to students and staff across campus. Our simple 3-part process assesses office waste generation, electrical output, and behaviors. Based on our established criteria we score the office in each category to achieve their final certified level of Seed, Sprout, Sapling, or Tree.

For each category assessed we give recommendations to the entire office on practical, realistic changes that will save money and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Staff participation facilitates this process, and innovation is encouraged. Perhaps your office will adopt a 'Bring Your Towel to Work Day' or sponsor an educative waste collection program. Equally important, however, is that we do not interfere with an office's work or otherwise inconvenience the staff. Our assessment process is non-invasive and we only require full office participation when we meet at the end to discuss what changes we can make together.

If you are interested in our program or wish to have your office certified, simply fill out our interest form. We hope that you will join us in reaching our campus goals of COemission reduction and spreading sustainability across campus!

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