Friday, November 16, 2012

Introduction to the Climate Action Team

Indya and Camille the Climate Action team members

Hi Sustainability Folks!

We are the Climate Action Team on the UCSC campus working to create student, staff and faculty collaboration in order to reduce our overall campus greenhouse gas emissions. 

Indya Green is our Climate Action Intern working on establishing a climate action related projects on campus and outreaching for the Climate Action Plan and the Campus Sustainability Plan. 

Camille Carrillo is the Campus Sustainability Internship Program Climate Action Intern, working on establishing a Green Revolving loan fund on campus and outreaching to students about the Climate Action Plan. 

What is the Climate Action Plan? 

A governing document on the UCSC campus established by the Climate Action Working Group, that provides three goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions/footprint. 

Those three goals are:

2000 levels by the year 2014
1990 levels by 2020
80% below 1990 levels by 2050

These levels are the levels of greenhouse gas emissions that our whole campus emits, thats including student, staff and faculty activities. 

The Climate Action Team members, Indya and I, are currently working with the Climate Action Manager, Lacey Raak, to update and revise the plan in order to get it approved by March 2013. 

If you want to help us reach our goals, get involved with one of the many working groups on campus!
These working groups are primarily staff but they encourage student involvement and provide opportunities for collaboration between students and staff. Some of the working groups related to directly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions are Climate, Energy, and Transportation. 

Any questions about the Climate Action Plan or if you want to get involved with the working groups
Please feel free to contact Camille Carrillo

A new project has begun this quarter! In collaboration with Environmental Health and Safety and Green Campus, the Sustainability Office is establishing a Green Labs Certification Program!  The vision is to create a green lab program that improves energy efficiency and increases green purchasing and recycling through behavioral change, physical improvements and education. We are working on our certification checklist at the moment using ideas from programs at Yale, Harvard, UC Irvine, and other schools. Our goal is to have 2 certified pilot labs by July 2013!

If you have any questions regarding this program, are part of a lab and/or want to get involved, please contact Indya Green at 

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