Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Dining by Daylight": An Interview with Clint Jeffries about Dining Energy Projects

The following is a selection from the PowerSave Green Campus (PGSC) November newsletter, authored by PSGC intern, Calvin Ye. 

This quarter, Calvin had time to catch up with Clinton Jeffries, unit manager for UC Santa Cruz’s College 9/10 Dining Hall, to talk about past and future projects that involved energy savings.   

Calvin: What were some past projects that you completed with PowerSave Green Campus?

Clint: A successful past project that PowerSave Green Campus has been done was “Dining by  Daylight,” which was lead by a past project coordinator Gabriel Martin.  The concept behind this project was to encourage turning off the lights during the daytime and allow natural sunlight to illuminate the dining hall while saving a lot of energy in the process. The success of this project has allowed College 9/10 dining hall to continue to dine in the daylight without turning on the lights and in hopes of implementing the same plan to all dining halls through the UC Santa Cruz campus.

Calvin: How much energy was saved with the completion of this project?

Clint: The dining hall have saved up to 15,000kWh of energy and hopefully we can implement a similar project to dining halls across campus.

Calvin: What other events has PowerSave Green Campus done to collaborate with College 9/10 dining hall?

Clint: PowerSave Green Campus have hosted a tabling event in our dining hall to outreach to the students about becoming more energy efficient with their sponsor, Clif Bars, which attracted many students to learn about energy saving. 

Calvin: What are some potential future projects you would like to see happen with PowerSave Green Campus and College 9/10 dining hall?

Clint: I would like to look into changing our  old refrigeration, dish washer and ice maker system with more energy efficient ones because those machines run constantly and burn a lot of  unused energy. Hopefully we can organize another project with PSGC and continue to make a difference in our community.

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