Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Controller's Office Goes Green

The Green Office Certification Team would like to congratulate the members of The Controller's Office for their successful completion of our Certification Program and Sapling rating. Great job! Below is the personal account of Controls and Compliance Manager, Ivan Ditmars, on their Green Office process and the work of the Controller's Office:

"First and foremost on behalf of the Controller’s Office I would like to thank Christian Frederick, Casey Wing, and the rest of the Green Office members. The professionalism presented by the team of students shows they have been trained well in the art of conservation and work ethics. The controller’s Office has many solid conservation best practices in place which earned our team with a certification level of Sapling. The assessment conducted revealed some interesting improvements that we can make around the office, which may be small, but if implemented campus wide would be a great conservation achievement."

The top recommended changes they encouraged the Controller's Office team to make were:
  1. Improve signage on/near recycling bins in office and provide a main recycling bin near the printer. 
  2. Use “smart power strips” for office appliances in order to make it easier to turn off multiple appliances at once
Thanks Ivan, and thank you Controller's Office! Way to improve your sustainable practices and be a model for green offices across campus!

For more information about the Green Office Certification Program, please visit their website or email Casey Wing.

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