Monday, March 18, 2013

Monterey Bay Carbon Fund

The UC Santa Cruz Carbon Fund has inspired a carbon fund for the Monterey Bay region. The Monterey Bay Carbon Fund's vision is "to raise money to facilitate the implementation of meaningful greenhouse gas reduction initiatives in the Monterey Bay community, while providing educational and employment opportunities for local students and professionals, and creating economic and environmental benefits to the entire region."

Community members wishing to offset their own carbon footprint can purchase offsets through donations to the Monterey Bay Carbon Fund, which funds projects in the region that will reduce carbon emissions.

An example of one project is "to make a solar PV system possible for the Bonny Doon Elementary School in Santa Cruz. The Bonny Doon Elementary site will be the very first beneficiary of the MBCF program, and an overall site evaluation and solar suitability survey are already underway. School officials are excited to participate in the MBCF program and eager to see solar panels on campus buildings." Read more here.

Like the Monterey Bay Carbon Fund, the UC Santa Cruz Carbon Fund "works towards recreating UCSC as an operationally carbon neutral campus while providing faculty with an opportunity for research and students with the tools they need to move towards a more sustainable future." The UCSC Carbon Fund is funded through student fee measure 44. To learn about the history of the UCSC Carbon Fund, click here.

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