Friday, November 21, 2014

December 2014 Green Tip: Have a Sustainable Holiday

Looking for a way to give back to Mother Earth while you're in the holiday giving mood? We can all enjoy these sustainable treats and tips no matter what we are celebrating this season.

Sustainable Holiday Meals:

Want to enjoy delicious wintertime foods without as many greenhouse gas emissions as usual? Whip up these yummy recipes for friends and family—they won’t even know the difference!

Traditional Style Vegan Shepherd's Pie
Featuring vegan mayonnaise, soy milk, and vegan cream cheese in place of chicken   and cow products, this recipe for shepherd’s pie will convince you that you really do live in a cozy farmhouse with a flock of sheep! But really, this sounds delicious, and it’s a warm dish to serve on a chilly day!

Visit for the recipe!

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Apple Cider Reduction 

The title of this recipe is 100% wintertime deliciousness, and it’s completely vegan! Using vegan cream cheese, tofu, and soy milk in place of cow milk products, it can be sweetened with agave nectar and it’s spiced with cinnamon, arrowroot, nutmeg, agar, and pumpkin.

Learn how to make it on the Sierra Club website  here.

Seeking more sustainable holiday meals? Visit the Huffington Post’s “5 Sustainable Courses for a Healthy Holiday Meal” here.

Green Party Planning:

Hosting a party over the break? Integrate sustainable choices into your planning to reduce waste and educate friends and family about environmental conservation.
  • Send e-cards or look for greetings made with recycled content (the more post-consumer content, the better)
  • Set the table with cloth napkins, reusable plates and reusable utensils to reduce waste going to landfills. Compostable options are second best—but only if you live somewhere that collects compost!
  • Turn down the heat and bundle up. As your guests arrive, turn down the thermostat and let your guests’ body heat naturally warm the room.
  • If your party features gift opening, try to salvage reusable materials and then recycle the rest (unless your gift wrap is shiny and non-recyclable). Remove tape, ribbons and other decorations before tossing in the recycle bin.
  • If possible, compost food scraps. If not, toss them in the trash instead of washing them down the disposal to save water. 
  • Since you’re using reusable dishes and utensils, be sure you aren’t wasting water (after all, we’re in a drought!) Use just a little water to get your sponge soapy and wet and then turn off the faucet while scrubbing. Put them in the dishwasher, or fill the sink or a tub with water to rinse instead of running the faucet.

Find more green party tips online at Mother Nature Network and

Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn: How do you make your annual wintertime traditions more kind to the planet?

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