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Monday, June 4, 2012

Simply Committed Photo Challenge: Deadline June 8

The Simply Committed Photo Challenge is up and running on our Facebook page! Many of you have already made a pledge on our page to change one habit in your lives to become more sustainable either at Earth Summit or Earth Day. Some examples of pledges that were made by students were to bring reusable bags to the store, buy local, ride a bike and walk more often instead of driving or taking the bus, and to eat more organic food. Those of you that have not already made a pledge--it is not too late! Post your pledge right now! The photo challenge involves taking a funny picture engaging in the sustainable commitment that you made. The more ridiculous and comical the better!

The challenge will last until June 8 and the winner will be randomly chosen and announced on June 9! The winner will receive a $30 gift card to the Bay Tree Bookstore. You can post your pictures right onto the UCSC Sustainability Office page, or if you do not use Facebook and want to participate, you can email them to the Sustainability Office! The contest is open to all UCSC students, staff, and faculty. Good luck and have fun!

Here are some examples of photos submitted already:

"I pledge to be more 'weary' of what I eat, considering environmental impact and virtual water of the matter how GREEN the food is. Virtual Water, also called hidden water, is the water that goes into production of a product, such as the water for the plants necessary for production. For more info check out here. Also, seeking more local food decreases the transportation needed for the food, thus decreasing the energy footprint of the food product!" -- Abbas, Green Campus Team Manager

"I pledge to spend more time outdoors in the glorious sunshine to remind myself of what it is I'm working to preserve and protect!" -- Melissa, Internship Coordinator Assistant in the Sustainability Office

What are you waiting for? Choose a pledge, take a photo, and post it. Simply Commit to sustainability and you could win!