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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

May 2019: Cool Campus Challenge comes to an end!

Cool Campus Challenge is officially over! Throughout the month of April, students, faculty and staff across UC campuses participated in the challenge to see who can complete the most sustainable and environmental-friendly actions. The goal of this challenge is to reduce carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

UC Santa Cruz has demonstrated a huge effort in spreading outreach about the challenge. With everyone's valuable participation, we have acquired a total of 3,707,790 points putting us in 5th place amongst the UC campuses, and beating UC Davis by just a few actions. As a campus, we have completed 15,355 actions and reduced 1,756,542 pounds of CO2. Overall, we acquired the most actions and the most points per participant.

We had 36 teams across, and Team OChem has won first place with 898,963 points. Caitlin Binder, faculty in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department, created a team for her organic chemistry students to learn about sustainable actions they can take to reduce their footprint. Caitlin's team got UCSC 24% of our points!

OChem was the only team in the whole UC System that got more points than the combination of all "no team" participants.

Action: "Highlight a Hero" - Thanks to some of the amazing slugs who were nominated multiple times as sustainability "Heroes" by their peers.

Top 10 UCSC Teams:
1. Team OChem
2. BAS
3. Team Social Sciences
4. University Relations
5. Library
6. Rachel Carson College
7. Kerr Hall
8. Crown College
9. Academic Affairs
10. SOMeCA Keeping Cool

Top 10 UCSC Point Earners:
1. Evelyn Subroto
2. Trevor Lee
3. Cindy Delgado
4. Michael Chung
5. Kyle Lutz
6. Gabriella Amberchan
7. Madison Landi
8. Michael Richie
9. Michael Pisano
10. Kyra Fitz

From going zero waste for a day, to taking alternative transportation to work, to installing clothes lines to hang dry clothes, banana slugs have been working hard throughout this month to reduce their emissions. Together, we are all taking steps towards making the world a better place.

Thank you for your participation and for your contribution towards our campus becoming more sustainable!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

May 2019: Green Tips

May marks the start of bike month! Whether you’re commuting to class or work, riding for leisure, or participating in Ecology Action’s Bike Month Challenge, remember to have fun and stay safe!

Protect your head. Always wear a helmet when cycling. Head injuries are the cause of 60 percent of all cycling deaths in the U. S. every year. Many of these deaths could be avoided if everyone wore a helmet while cycling.

ABC Quick Check. Before each ride, check your bike to make sure it's safe to ride. An easy way to make sure your bike is in good working order is to do an ABC Quick Check:
A is for Air — Inflate tires to the pressure listed on the side of the tire. Use a pressure gauge to insure proper pressure. Check for damage on tired and replace if damaged.
B is for Brakes — Inspect pads for wear; replace is there is less than ¼" of pad left. Check pad adjustment; make sure they do not rub the tire. Look to see that you can fit your thumb between the brake lever handlebar when the brakes are squeezed all the way.
C is for Cranks & Chain — Pull your cranks away from the bike – if they are loose, tighten the bolt. Check your that your chain is free of rust and gunk.
Quick is for Quick Releases — Make sure your quick releases are all closed. They should all be pointing to the back of the bike, so that they don’t get caught on anything  
Check is for Check It Over — Take a quick ride to check that it is working properly.

Learn more about ABC Quick Checks here:

And learn more about Ecology Action’s Bike Month here:

May 2019: Classes, Training, and Community

Student Environmental Center
The Student Environmental Center (SEC) is a student-run, student lead activist organization on campus dedicated to institutionalizing sustainability and environmental justice at UCSC through projects and events that educate and empower students. Reach out to for questions, inquires, and ways to get involved.

5/18 An Introduction to Garden Herbalism — 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, UCSC Farm
The fields and gardens of UCSC Farm and Garden abound with medicinal plants. Come learn how to use these common plants for every day maladies and health promotion. We will learn how these herbs can be used to promote restful sleep, combat stress, soothe or strengthen digestion, heal wounds, support menstrual cycles and much more. You will leave the class with many plant friends to support your health and well being. Please pre-register using this link.

6/1 Summer Fruit Tree Care — 9:30 am - 12:00 pm, UCSC Farm
Summer fruit tree care is more than about pruning: proper irrigation, feeding, and pest control, combined with a summer pruning plan, are the best ways to ensure the health and productivity of your fruit trees. Learn about summer fruit tree care from Orin Martin, manager of the Alan Chadwick Garden at UC Santa Cruz. Please pre-register using this link.

LEED Accreditation Courses
Opportunity for UCSC faculty, staff students to access hundreds of hours of FREE online training and webinars through the US Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Online platform through October 2019. The campus is looking for strong user engagement in this pilot year in order to identify the need for future years. Having at least a LEED-GA accreditation is viewed as a minimum qualification for most jobs within the green building industry. The platform includes access to learning modules that can be incorporated into existing course curricula, training resources for students seeking to pursue a LEED credential, and ongoing education materials for staff and faculty seeking to maintain their existing LEED credential. Questions can be emailed to Educational Facilities Planner Chrissy Thomure at is the campus' official LEED liaison, and can also help point you in the right direction as needed. Learn more about the courses here.

May 2019: Internships, Employment, and Volunteering

Sustainability Certificate Program: Project Manager
The Sustainability Certificate Program provides a unique opportunity for UCSC employees to explore issues, concepts and strategies for building a more sustainable and inclusive campus through the lens of multiple disciplines and perspectives. The Student Coordinator assists and supports this professional development program, and collaborates with students, staff and faculty to develop resources encourage inclusive sustainability. To apply, visit the Career Center website and search for position #5304 and follow application instructions there or, if you would like to be considered for a scholarship instead of hourly pay, send your resume and cover letter to
Compensation: $13/hr 2019-20 school year or scholarship pay
Employment Dates: September, 2019 - June 2020; must be available Wednesdays from 12-4 pm fall, winter and spring quarters.
DEADLINE TO APPLY: Open until filled
Carbon Neutrality Fellow
Apply to become a Carbon Neutrality Fellow at the Sustainability Office by May 20th. The Caron Neutrality Fellow will lead efforts to collect, compile, and analyze data that will be used to communicate and drive the UC's Climate Neutrality by 2025 initiative. They will plan and implement educational programs and outreach efforts to engage students in climate action, including; writing content for newsletters, blogs and social media posts, tabling at events, presenting to student orgs throughout campus and supporting additional system-wide campaigns. To apply, visit the Career Center website and search for the position using ER #11280 and email any questions to, or if you would like to be considered for a scholarship, send your resume and cover letter to Kyra Fitz at

Sustainability Education and Outreach Associate
The Sustainability Office is hiring an Education and Outreach Associate. To apply, visit the Career Center website and search for the position using ER #4381 and email any questions to or if you would like to be considered for a scholarship, send your resume and cover letter to Alessandra Alvares at

Sustainability Graphic Designer & Website Assistant
The Sustainability Office is hiring a Graphic Designer & Website Assistant. To apply, visit the Career Center website and search for the position using ER #8089 and email any questions to or if you would like to be considered for a scholarship, send your resume and cover letter to Alessandra Alvares at

Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP)
ESLP is a collaborative and interdisciplinary student organization with the vision of reshaping the way we learn, effectively mentoring students, and engaging in projects that support sustainable development. Apply to become an organizer for the 2019-2020 school year, with the opportunity to volunteer or intern and then move into a paid positions. To get involved, email with your resume, position you're interested in, and hours you're available to interview. For more information, visit

The SUA Food Pantry and Lounge
The SUA Food Pantry and Lounge is currently looking for volunteers to work in the pantry. Whether you want to directly make a difference in your community, teach your own cooking class, gain volunteer service hours, or work your way up to a paid internship fighting food insecurity on campus, serving as a volunteer at the SUA Food Pantry & Lounge can be the perfect opportunity for you. If you would like to be a Pantry Volunteer for the 2019 Spring Quarter, please fill out this survey.

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center Summer Positions

Exhibits & Interpretation Intern
The Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz is seeking a summer intern to assist with public education and interpretation programs. Working with staff, the intern will develop a  pop-up interactive focusing on either plankton or marine mammals. They will develop instructions, materials and guides the interactive and lead the interactive throughout the week. It is important for this person to enjoy interacting with the public and be a proactive member of a team.  Additionally, competent computer skills in Microsoft office is necessary.

Public Programs Intern
The Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz is seeking a summer intern to assist with public special events and daily public programs. Working with staff, the intern will develop small hands-on daily activities for the public.  Additionally, they will assist with monthly First Friday art/science programs and other weekend special events. This intern may be asked to assist at the front desk, gift shop or with other daily operations at the Center.
Summer 2019 internship schedules will be based on availability of candidates but will fall between the dates of June 1st – September 15th.  The volunteer internship will be 16-24 hours per week and work times will depend on candidate availability, falling within the hours of Wednesday-Sunday 9:30am-5pm.
To apply, please contact

Monterey Bay Economic Partnership
The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership is currently recruiting 2 UCSC student interns to join the Student Ambassador Program! The Career Connect Student Ambassadors is part of the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership's (MBEP) workforce development initiative. Their goal is to develop student leaders and role models at each college campus who will help educate the community (e.g. students, staff, families, student organizations, etc.) on the college and career resources offered on Monterey Bay Career Connect (MBCC). Learn more and apply here: Monterey Bay Internships posting.

Part-time & Full-time Positions for Environmental Campaigns
Fund for the Public Interest is looking for passionate and dedicated students to join our grassroots campaign office in downtown Santa Cruz, as campaign staff to make real change during this school year. Currently, we are working to protect our coast and wildlife by banning single-use polystyrene (styrofoam) on a statewide level. Learn more at

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

May 2019: VOTE on Transportation Fee Measure 73

Students: Vote on Transportation Fee Measure 73

The TAPS Transit operation (which includes campus shuttles, Disability Van Service, and the contract with Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District [METRO]) is unable to operate within the revenue currently generated by the mandatory Student Transit Fee. Despite rising costs, the transit fee has not increased in 11 years and is not sufficient to maintain current campus and countywide transit services

Students will be able to vote May 13-22 on Measure 73, a proposed increase to the Student Transit Fee that will be used to stabilize current transit service levels over the next 11 years.

According to Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS):

If Measure 73 passes it will allow TAPS to:
  • Continue current fare-free METRO rides for UCSC students within Santa Cruz County
  • Continue Campus Transit service operations, including day and night shuttles based on ridership/demand
  • Support expanded use of technology such as automatic vehicle location systems and service delivery methods that enhance efficiency and adjust to ridership trends and utilization
  • Support transit services to serve UC Santa Cruz sites beyond the main campus in Santa Cruz County, such as the ever-growing populations at the Coastal Science Campus and 2300 Delaware
  • Build reserve capacity to help support the replacement of the aging bus fleet, including transition to electric vehicles and development of infrastructure to support those vehicles
If Measure 73 fails it will:
  • Keep the Student Transit Fee at $111.66 per student, per quarter
  • Reduce or eliminate service levels for both METRO and campus transit
  • Cause more crowding on any remaining transit services, resulting in additional pass-by’s, longer wait times and decreased ability to get to and around campus from certain locations
  • Impact parking due to more commuters driving to campus. Additional parking will not be added to mitigate this impact
NOTE - The Disability Van Service will not be affected by any proposed service cuts.

To find out more about Measure 73, visit

Providing over 2 million rides per year, our buses are a crucial part of the campus ecosystem:  everyone benefits from faster transit, fewer cars, and more available parking options. 

UCSC is a nationally-ranked sustainable campus and transit is integral to maintaining our commitment to providing a means of travel to and around campus that does not involve single-occupancy cars.

There must be a 25% voter turnout for this vote to be valid, so be a part of your future and vote in the Campus Elections on May 13-22Visit or go to a voting station on campus to exercise your right to vote. Make your voice heard on Measure 73!

TAPS will be tabling at both the Quarry and McHenry Library on Tuesdays and Wednesdays  (May 7, 8, 14, and 15). Students who wish to volunteer to get the word out on Measure 73 will receive a free T-shirt and stickers! TAPS will provide a bit of training, talking points and materials to have interested students. 

Please reach out to Teresa Buika, or Cathy Crowe  from TAPS. Students can sign up here.

May 2019: Sustainability Profile: Kyra Fitz

Each month, our newsletter features a person or group on campus that is working towards a more sustainable world. This month we had the privilege to interview Kyra Fitz, a Senior who has worked many positions at the sustainability office: Carbon Neutrality team and Currently a Carbon Neutrality Fellow While she is a great member of our team, we are happy to see her graduate. We wish her the best in her future and hope that the Sustainability Office has given her the resources to succeed in her upcoming career. Congrats Grad of 2019!

1.    What's your favorite memory working at the Sustainability Office?
“I enjoyed how excited students would be about sustainability when I would table at campus events.”
2.    What is something you recommend to interns at the Sustainability Office? 
“Get to know all everyone in the office! It's easier to collaborate with people once you know them better.”
3.    What does sustainability mean to you? Have your views of sustainability changed in the four years that you have been working at the Sustainability Office?
“Sustainability means living in a society where everyone has clean air, water, access to healthy food, and access to housing. It also means living in a way that allows future generations to thrive and have access to these resources. I've learned that environmental justice is critical to sustainability over my years in the office."
4.    What were your favorite roles in positions in the office?
“I enjoyed doing research on energy conservation and implementing energy conservation training for students.”
5.    Tell us about your experience at InterOrg. 
“InterOrg was great for connecting with other students and letting them know what we are up to in the Sustainability Office.”
6.    What teams were you in while working at the sustainability office and what was your current position? 
“I was on the Carbon Neutrality team and am currently a Carbon Neutrality Engagement Fellow.”
7.    While working in the office have you received any training, opportunities, or events that have helped you in your major or future jobs? If so, which are they?
“Yes, I have developed leadership, event and meeting facilitation, and event planning skills while in the office.”
8.    What are you doing after graduation? 
“I'm planning to work hopefully in a marine research lab or environmental organization. I'll also be applying for graduate school.” 
9.    Is there something you would like UCSC students to know about the Sustainability office? 
“You can volunteer and get involved with student teams by emailing them.”
10.  Tell me about your background and how you became part of UCSC? Tell me how you became part of the UCSC Sustainability Office?
“I came to UCSC to study marine biology with all the great marine biology research opportunities there are here. I worked for 2 years with the Student Environmental Center and came to the Sustainability Office because I wanted to work more on emissions reduction and carbon neutrality.”
11.  What organizations did you connect with other than the sustainability office?
“My job involves a lot of outreach, and I've connected with many sustainability organizations including Enviroslug, POCSC, college gardens, and Fossil Free UC.” 
12.  What is your major and how has the sustainability office help you achieve it?
“My major is marine biology. Addressing climate change is an important part of marine biology and conservation, and the Sustainability Office helped me learn how to implement solutions to climate change.” 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

May 2019: Ecology Action Bike Month Challenge

Ecology Action is excited to announce that Bike Month has officially begun on May 1, and we are inviting you and your business network to be a part of it! We are going live and pushing out Bike Month this week! To help the community’s mission of less GHG emissions – through health, fun and low cost transportation – we are going big, like really big, for this year's Bike Month. We're talking $7,500 cash prize, a Gazelle ebike, employer prizes, and more! In addition to community favorites like Bike to Work + School, we're rolling out a Bike Month Challenge and a whole month of awesome bike events to inspire and keeping beginning and experienced bike commuters riding through the month.

 Please share this with your business network to spread the word:

1. Check out the Ecology Action Bike Month landing page and get your workplace signed up. 
  • If you aren't already, please register your workplace in the Bike Month challenge and send people to get signed up.

2. Participate in Bike Month! 
  • Sign up for the bike month challenge (chance to win $7500 cash) + fun 
  • Attend Bike to Work Day, May 9th (chance to win Gazelle ebike) + fun

3. Share and spread the bike stoke
  • See the attached images you can use for Facebook, Instagram, enewsletter, intranet, etc.
  • Below is some copy and paste ready language you can use to share with friends, family, coworkers - feel free to add your own flavor to it!
  • Tag @ecologyaction on Facebook, @ecology_action on Instagram

UCSC's Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) has joined with Ecology Action to celebrate Santa Cruz Bike Month and showcase the many benefits of bicycle commuting and to provide a safe, supportive and festive environment for local commuters to give cycling a try. This year, Ecology Action has added a special incentive by offering a chance to win a $7500 cash prize and an e-bike for participants.

Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 9th, when cyclists get a free breakfast at sites throughout Santa Cruz County, including the UCSC Main Entrance at 6:30am - 9:30am. Free bike helmets and bike lights will be distributed (while supplies last), and Ecology Action volunteers will be on site to conduct ABC Quick Checks on attendees' bicycles.  

On Wednesday, May 21st, a final bike helmet give-away to UCSC affiliates will take place at the top of the Great Meadow Bike Path from 2:30-5:30pm (while supplies last).

Thank you in advance for your support!

Happy Cycling!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

May 2019: Contests and Funding

The Community Studies Field Study Scholarship: Due May 10, 2019, by 3pm 
Award value: 10 participants $500 scholarships. 
This scholarship is generously funded by the Koffend family as well as Community Studies alumni, family, and friends who contributed to our Giving Day Campaigns in support of field study. It provides scholarships to support Community Studies students going on field study.

B.Davis Scholarship: Due May 24, 2019
Award Value $1,000
This Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post-secondary institution. There is no age restriction. Be sure to include your name and the school you are attending this year and next. This is not an academic scholarship, but we would like to know where you are going to school now and what your future academic plans are. 

The Cesar Chavez Foundation, in partnership with PepsiCo: Due May 31, 2019
Students of Latino descent who are beginning or continuing their studies at higher educational institutions in Arizona and California, to apply for the PepsiCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund provides $300,000 in scholarship awards to qualified Latino students in Arizona and California regardless of national origin or immigration status in an effort to promote their academic success. It supports 10 scholarships at $5,000 per student annually and will continue to do so until 2021. Scholarships are granted solely based on academic excellence, leadership in extra-curricular activities, commitment to volunteer service in the community and financial need. They are designed to supplement the students’ financial resources from family, government, and other sources. The intent is to fill the gaps our students encounter in financing a college education.

Manos de Esperanza: Due June 30th
A non-profit organization based in Northern California. Our primary purpose is to promote, plan and actively seek aid for those in need. As part of our support to local communities, Manos de Esperanza “Hands of Hope” Scholarship Program assists students in completing their undergraduate college education. Manos de Esperanza grants annual scholarships of $500 to $1000 to students who have a history of performing public service activities in their local community and who plan on contributing in the future. Students who demonstrate excellent leadership skills and commitment to their community are highly encouraged to apply. 

Migrant Farmworker Baccalaureate Scholarship: Due July 1st
Provides support for a student with a history of migrating for employment in agriculture who has successfully completed one year of college to cover expenses beyond what the youth is entitled to in federal/state and other scholarship assistance. This scholarship is designed to assist the youth in obtaining a baccalaureate degree without being encumbered with substantial debt. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

April 2019: Contests and Funding

Fall 2019 California Ecology and Conservation: Due on April 12, 2019
UCSC is now accepting applications for the Fall 2019 offering of the UC Natural Reserve System field course, California Ecology, and Conservation.

UCSC Blum Scholar Grant Awards: Due April 12, 2019
The UCSC Blum Scholars award program enables undergraduate and graduate students to pursue a community-based research project either domestically or abroad that addresses poverty, social enterprise, or participatory governance. Awards are for up to $2,000.

The 5th Annual Save Water Video Contest is here. Inspire others to save water or prevent water pollution by making a short newscast, skit, animation, commercial or even a music video. The winning films will earn $500 and be broadcast on TV and online! Your goal is to create a high-quality video that convinces people to save and protect water by learning more about this year’s theme, Water Wise Gardening.

The Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship: Due April 26, 2019
Awarded annually to students who participate in field study programs. The scholarship is intended to encourage and support real-world experiences that complement formal academic requirements. Nancy Pascal established the scholarship in honor of her retirement after 32 years of dedicated service to UC Santa Cruz in the Registrar's Office.

Call for Student Applications: Human Rights Investigations Lab for the Americas: Due May 3, 2019 by 5 p.m. 
The Human Rights Investigations Lab for the Americas is designed for students who have demonstrated interest in learning about human rights, social justice, and social media. Interested applicants should: Be an enrolled UC Santa Cruz undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing., Be interested in becoming part of a new generation of human rights investigators. Be available for a 3-day training at UC Berkeley in September 2019 (September 5 and 12th for everyone with an optional graduate student training on September 9th). This training is at no cost to the student and will be paid for by the RCA. Be available during the 2019-2020 academic year for 10-15 hours per week to do research (this includes a weekly team meeting) when part of the team. GRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY: ONE graduate student may be eligible for a one-month summer GSR and hourly paid work (up to 16 hours per month) during the academic year.

The Elizabeth Butler Scholarship: Due May 3, 2019
The Elizabeth Butler Scholarship was created to memorialize the life of Community Studies alumna Elizabeth (Beth) Butler (’96). It was awarded for the first time in Spring 2016 and is open to Community Studies majors pursuing their full-time field study in Santa Cruz. 

The Cynthia Mathews Scholarship: Due May 3, 2019
This scholarship is awarded to students in any UC Santa Cruz department or program who are pursuing studies or internships related to reproductive rights, health policy, healthcare professions, or public health. It was established in 2007 through the generous donations of friends, family and colleagues of Cynthia Mathews to honor her 40 years of outstanding service in the area of reproductive health.

The Community Studies Field Study Scholarship: Due May 10, 2019 by 3pm 
This scholarship is generously funded by the Koffend family as well as Community Studies alumni, family and friends who contributed to our Giving Day Campaigns in support of field study. It provides scholarships to support Community Studies students going on field study.