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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

January Sustainability Profile: Alessandra Alvares

Each month, our newsletter features a person or group on campus that is working toward a more sustainable world. This month we had the privilege to interview Alessandra Alvares, the Office Manager and Event Coordinator at the Sustainability Office. She works with teams of students to spread the word about sustainability here on campus. The Sustainability Office fosters a culture of sustainability at UCSC by actively engaging students, staff, faculty and community members through education, leadership development, institutional change, and behavioral transformation.

What does sustainability mean to you?

      " It means being conscientious and deliberately thinking about all the decisions I make in my daily life: how they affect me, my community and the planet. It also means supporting those who have sustainable practices and ideas."
What sustainable practices do you live by in your daily life, and has the sustainability office inspired you to make any changes?
      " I use my bike for transportation and avoid single-use plastic (and chemicals) as much as possible, almost never eat red meat (and avoid other meats), buy organic and local, and carry my refillable water bottle with me at all times. I try to support people that are doing beautiful and meaningful things as well as participate in community events.The Sustainability Office has inspired me to think bigger and has shown me a whole new meaning of being a team player and empowerment."
Favorite Green Tips?
      " Avoid buying new stuff, carry a bamboo or wood cutlery set at all times, compost your food, and share the joy you feel by doing all of that with family and friends."
What is your role/Position at the Sustainability Office?
       "As the Office Manager and Events Coordinator, I manage the Education and Outreach Team (I feel lucky, they are so great!), coordinate major events, oversee the office management in general, including providing my colleagues with support."

Tell me about your background and how you became part of UCSC.
      " I was born, raised and educated (first College) in Brazil and came to the US in my early twenties. I first joined UCSC with an admin job in the Mathematics Department and later to go back to school (go slugs!), double-majoring in Community Studies and Art. I did social justice work in Brazil, freelanced and worked in the corporate world for a while. I then returned to UCSC, working in the Latin American and Latino Studies department, where I was for 10 years before joining the Sustainability Office."
What is your long-term vision for sustainability at UCSC?
       "That our mission and goals are everyone’s goals, including students, staff, faculty, and anyone involved with slugs, so UCSC can be the sustainable trailblazer in many areas (as it is on some already). Hopefully, someday we will be able to say that every department or unit has a member who completed the Sustainability Certificate Program, for example. That will be amazing."
What are your thoughts on environmental justice?
       "Absolutely necessary and essential to effectively bring changes that will benefit humanity as a whole. There is no room for the same small, privileged group making decisions without being inclusive any longer.I am glad that this sentiment is widespread and growing strong. We have just experienced a remarkable result in the midterm elections this year (Congress is beautifully diverse), so I am more hopeful."
Is there a message you would like UCSC students to know?
       "Yes! I know some of it is cliché but I really mean all of it:  YOU ARE the change and can achieve anything you want, ANYTHING. Love yourself and others without reservation. Study hard, work hard, play hard (as in have lots of fun). Share your ideas and thoughts often, and kindly debate with those that don’t agree with you. Connect with people (as many people as you can) in a meaningful way; collaboration and teamwork is where it’s at!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 2019: Contests & Funding

Sierra Club 2019 Scholarship Application: Due April 1st.
The Stanislaus County Sierra Club Yokut’s Group is seeking applications for the Donna Durham Memorial Scholarship for the 2018/19 academic school year. This $1000 scholarship is given to honor Donna Durham’s commitment to local environmental issues. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to an environmental or conservation project, and or course of study through a degree program. Deadline to apply is April 1st. Interested students must complete application form and submit an essay of 200 words but no more than 500 words supporting their environmental work or study and how this scholarship will help further their goals. 
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program - Now Accepting Applications! Due February 8
A two-year conservation mentorship program that takes place over two summers for 20 students across the US, its territories and Native Nations, who are in their early-undergraduate career (freshmen, sophomore, junior) Scholars are exposed to the field of environmental conservation through field research, leadership and professional training. Scholars receive travel, lodging, support, and a $4,000 stipend each summer. Applications due February 8. See application and flyer attached for details.
APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women and Underrepresented Minorities Deadline: January 31
Internship will be off campus and no citizenship restrictions apply!
The American Physical Society and IBM co-sponsor two undergraduate research internship programs: the APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women, and the APS/IBM Research Internships for Underrepresented Minority Students. The goal of these internships is to encourage women and underrepresented minorities to pursue graduate studies in science and engineering. Any student who identifies as a woman and an underrepresented minority is eligible to apply to both internships.
The B.O.G. Pest Control Scholarship Fund Due date: March 15th, 2019
Eligibility: Open to Everyone
Submit - Official Application Form + Letter of intent which should describe the applicant’s passion and plans for their education, desired career, and any relevant experience in the field.
Scholarships through National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) & the American Academy of Sanitarians (AAS): Due date March 1
Undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in an accredited college or university with a dedicated and recognized curriculum in environmental health (EH) sciences, are eligible to apply for the NEHA/AAS Scholarship. The undergraduate scholarship is to be used toward the tuition and fees associated with either the junior or senior year of college studies. The graduate scholarship is to be used toward tuition and fees associated with graduate studies. All applicants must have at least one semester of coursework remaining to be eligible for this scholarship. Visit the website to learn more and apply.
Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program: Due date February 13
The application requires a resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation, and online orientation. So don't delay! Interns earn an $8,000 scholarship for the academic year.
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program - Now Accepting Applications!
  • A two-year conservation mentorship program that takes place over two summers for 20 students across the US, its territories and Native Nations, who are in their early-undergraduate career (freshmen, sophomore, junior)
  • Scholars are exposed to the field of environmental conservation through field research, leadership and professional training.
  • Scholars receive travel, lodging, support, and a $4,000 stipend each summer
  • Applications due February 8. See application and flyer attached for details.

Norris Center Student Project Award: Due February 14.
  • The Norris Center Natural History Project Awards are available to undergraduate students doing natural history projects, including education and art projects.  The applications are due Thursday, February 14.
  • Information and application materials are available at this link.  The application is also attached to this email in both doc and pdf formats.

James Stuart Chanley Scholarship for Environmental Studies: Due February 21, 2019.

  • Criteria for selection:

    • Undergraduate ENVS majors only
    • Financial need
    • Preference will go to a student whose record demonstrates initiative and commitment to the environment and most closely resembles that of James Chanley
    • Online application (with an unofficial transcript, personal statement uploads)
  • The award is for up to $1000 each, to two individual students. The deadline is noon on Thursday, February 21, 2019.

The Richard A. Cooley - Friends Foundation International Award: Due February 21, 2019.

  • This award of $2000 is given to honor Richard Cooley, who was instrumental in the founding of the Environmental Studies program at UCSC.
  • Criteria for Selection:
    • Open to all registered UCSC Undergraduates
    • Scholastic Record
    • Financial need
    • A field projects that result in a tangible, positive action for the betterment of the natural environment or improvement in environmental quality. Projects may be local (UCSC included) to international in scope, and examples of successful projects may be seen in the Environmental Studies Internship Office. Selection will be based on the project statement, demonstrative initiative and potential for successful completion.
  • The award will go to one student. Submissions via the online application are due at noon on Thursday, February 21, 2019.
  • Please email if you have any questions.  The award is also scheduled to be offered in Spring 2019.

California-Nevada Chapter SWCS: Due February 28.

  • The California-Nevada Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society offers an annual scholarship to encourage undergraduate students interested in soil and water conservation to obtain technical expertise, and to pursue careers in soil and water resources.
  • Applicants must have completed two years of study, be enrolled in an undergraduate curriculum related to soil and water resources, and have a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • A scholarship of $1000 will be awarded

Monday, January 7, 2019

January 2019: Green Tips

5 Tips for a More Sustainable Winter

1. Keep curtains open during the day for rays of sunlight to warm the room and close them at night to keep out chilly drafts.

2. Bundle up with an extra layer of clothing before choosing to turn up the thermostat.

3. Stay warm with a reusable mug and your favorite hot beverage.

4. Eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables if possible.

5. Avoid phantom power by making sure chargers, adapters, and small appliances are unplugged when not in use.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 2019: Classes, Trainings, and Community

Environmental Studies Undergraduate Department Peer Adviser
Reporting to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, the peer adviser will be working in a team-oriented setting to ensure the holistic success of all students in the ENVS department and at UCSC. The Peer Adviser will develop strong interpersonal communication and leadership skills, deepen their understanding of departmental and institutional policies and procedures, and establish positive working relationships with students, staff, faculty and campus partners. Click here to apply and be sure to complete all required fields in the application. If you have any questions, please direct them to Jenny Duong at

Education for Sustainable Living Program Spring Lecture Series
Host a Workshop with Education for Sustainable Living Program's Spring Lecture Series! Every year Education for Sustainable Living Program hosts a Spring Course, CRSN 61/161. This is made up of Monday Night Lectures and Action Research Teams. This year’s theme is Narratives of Hope for a Sustainable Future. ESLP invites campus groups and other relevant organizations to hosts workshops to complement their Monday Night Lectures. They invite you to speak on any subject that relates to our Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus. Find more details and apply at

Join DROPS IDEASS project in Winter Quarter
Interested in joining a team of passionate and motivated students? Join, DROPS, an interdisciplinary team of students in the IDEASS program that are working to find municipal solutions for rainwater catchment and stormwater management. Students will have the opportunity to work with local experts, including MADI architects and a professional mechanical engineer. Students will work on redesigning the layout for the Bay View Elementary Life Lab space to accommodate two new rainwater tanks and irrigated garden beds as well as develop and test relevant Life Lab curriculum. Additionally, students will be working on installing rainwater catchment systems and LID landscape features (rain gardens, bioswales) to mitigate the impacts of stormwater run-off. This is a great opportunity to gain professional hands-on experience. Interested students will be starting in Winter Quarter 2019 and will have the choice to enroll in either the 5-unit ENVS or 2-unit CRSN 152. Contact for more information.

DUE 2/5/19: Summer 2019 California Ecology and Conservation Supercourse
Applications for the Summer 2019 offering of the UC Natural Reserve System field course, California Ecology and Conservation are now being accepted. Applications can be found here and are due on February 5, 2019. Students from across the UC system have gained strong independent scientific research skills while immersed in the training grounds of the UC natural reserves, from Big Sur to the Mojave Desert, from coastal redwoods to California grasslands to high altitude bristlecone pines.

LEED Accreditation Courses
Opportunity for UCSC faculty, staff students to access hundreds of hours of FREE online training and webinars through the US Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Online platform through October 2019. The campus is looking for strong user engagement in this pilot year in order to identify the need for future years. Having at least a LEED-GA accreditation is viewed as a minimum qualification for most jobs within the green building industry. The platform includes access to learning modules that can be incorporated into existing course curricula, training resources for students seeking to pursue a LEED credential, and ongoing education materials for staff and faculty seeking to maintain their existing LEED credential. Questions can be emailed to Educational Facilities Planner Chrissy Thomure at is the campus' official LEED liaison, and can also help point you in the right direction as needed. Learn more about the courses here.

January 2019: Internships, Employment, and Volunteering

UCSC Plant Science Symposium
The 9th Biennial UCSC Plant Symposium will be held Saturday, January 26th, 2019! The symposium consists of presentations followed by a poster session and happy hour. There is no fee to attend and lunch is provided. If you are interested in attending, please register by filling out this google form. Undergraduate doing research are invited to present a poster on their research, which gives you an excellent opportunity to talk with graduate students and faculty about your research.

DUE 2/1/19 Student Environmental Center
Interested in sustainability and art? Submit your art pieces to Enviroslug to have the chance to be featured in this year’s Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus. The Blueprint is a resource document that discusses student perspectives on sustainability and environmental justice. Submit your creations to

DUE 2/8/19: Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program
A two-year conservation mentorship that takes place over two summers for 20 students across the US, its territories, and Native Nations, who are in their early-undergraduate career (freshmen, sophomores, juniors). Scholars are exposed to the field of environmental conservation through field research, leadership, and professional training. Scholars receive travel, lodging, support, and a $4,000 stipend each summer. For more information, visit or email the Program Director, Dr. Justin Cummings at

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center is looking for a weekly intern who will assist in the coordination and delivery of the Preschool Storytime program. Duties will include assisting in the coordination of a weekly preschool activity time at the Sanctuary Exploration Center, helping set up and leading weekly crafts and show-and-tell demonstrations, and assisting in program advertising. For more information, please contact Chelsea Prindle at