Thursday, November 20, 2014

Green Labs' Certification Program for Research Labs

The Green Labs program is proud to implement a new certification program on campus to promote sustainability in our research labs. The Green Labs certification program rewards research labs that continuously practice sustainability in their work and encourage these practices throughout the year. In collaboration with other UC Green Labs programs, a new detailed assessment has been created in order to properly certify our on campus labs. After a walk through and an assessment, if a lab upholds sustainable practices and have met sustainable standards that have been outlined, they are granted a Green Labs certification.

Our new assessment in the certification process has made drastic improvements to ensure proper certification and has been finalized for implementation here on the UC Santa Cruz campus. During the Green Labs certification process, the assessment searches for proper waste disposal, water management, and sustainable lab protocol(i.e closing fume hoods when not in use, decreasing plug loads). The goals of the new certification process is to not only acknowledge current sustainable practices in labs, but also suggests improvements and recommend new sustainable practices. By offering lab sustainability guidelines and feedback, we hope to build on our goals of more sustainability on our research labs.


Green Labs currently have two labs on campus that have earned Green Labs certification and our goals for the coming year is to outreach and certify as many labs as possible. Labs that become Green Labs certified can soon be eligible for certification incentives(i.e equipment upgrades) in the coming year. Using our new process we hope to be efficient and effective when certifying labs and create a trend on campus to become more sustainable in the work we do.

Any interests, comments, concerns, or questions in the Green Labs programs, please feel free to contact the Green Labs program:

December 2014: Classes, Community and Training

Agroecology, A Global Movement: Tracing Our Roots and Looking Forward 
The 16th Annual Agroecology Shortcourse will explore the roots of agroecology as a global movement as well as a science and a practice from July 12-25, 2015. Santa Cruz offers the ideal context to examine historical and current issues of social and environmental equity and sustainability that agroecology movements confront all over the world. The course aims to introduce agroecology and strategically connect the diverse and powerful agroecology experiences and movements active worldwide and create a collective overarching view of the current global situation. We will end the course with a vision of how to better facilitate cross-fertilization across agroecology movements and overcome obstacles to convergence. For more information, contact can.shortcourse [at] gmail [dot] com or visit the website.

Free Docent-Led Arboretum Garden Tour: Saturday, Dec 6
Part of conservation is planting! In the past 50 years, the Arboretum has grown from a small field of Eucalyptus trees to 143 acres featuring plants from the World's Mediterranean climates and a large and growing collection of California Natives. These gardens support researchers from all over the world. Take a tour and come explore the world, learn about the collection and be inspired about the natural world! These gardens and plant material have supported research on native bees, swallows, genetic lineage of flowering plants, and helped conserve native succulents through-out California where they were once lost. For more information, visit the website.

Free Phenology Workshop - Nature's Calendar: Dec 13 
Juliet Oshiro, UC Santa Cruz Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, is hosting workshops designed to introduce participants to the science of phenology--the study of seasonal cycles of plants and animals--and how it's used to track the effects of climate change on diverse landscapes. If you want to help researchers gather data on climate change, come to this workshop and learn how to observe/collect data on native plants through the seasons for a national database that is used by researchers to study climate change. This is important research as it will teach us how plants behavior are impacted by climate change and will help inform future land management practices. For more information about phenology, visit the Arboretum website. This workshop will take place December 13 at 2 PM in Horticulture II. Event details here.

"Cultivating a Daily Revolution" Winter Course
Friends of Community Agroecology Network's "Cultivating a Daily Revolution" is a discussion-based class with internship opportunities, hands-on activities, and guest speakers. Winter quarter speakers include Andrew Szazs for "Grassroot Organizing" and Jeff Bury "Research in Indigenous Communities". The course is recommended for anyone interested in furthering their understanding of sustainable food systems and social movements. For more information, contact focan [at] ucsc [dot] edu or visit the website.

Maui Wowi: Food Systems, Agriculture, and Outdoor Adventure 
Though this is fall quarter, registration is open (and will fill) for the annual experiential learning and food system engagement spring break trip. Join the Food Systems Working Group & Rec Department on Maui to explore traditional food and farming sites, explore different aspects of culture, and adventure into bamboo forests, ranch lands, and marine sanctuaries to explore the ecological aspects of the island. This trip will also include a 2 unit ENVS internship in winter quarter to prepare the group for different concepts and frameworks of food system engagement they will explore in March. Sign up on the OPERS Recreation website this quarter to reserve your spot! 

PICA Garden Workdays - Saturdays
The Program in Community and Agroecology welcomes all UCSC students to their Saturday Garden Workdays. You can learn how to grow your own food and enjoy fun and a fabulous garden fresh lunch. In the Winter, the workdays will be Saturdays Jan 17, Jan 24 and Jan 31 from 10am to 2pm. Meet in the A-quad of the Village. Come learn how to garden and share in a communal garden grown lunch!

PICA Winter Garden Party: Saturday, December 6
Join PICA for the last garden workday of Fall quarter! Saturday December 6 from 10am to 2pm, meet in the A-quad of the Village for a free garden grown lunch before Winter Break begins.

PICA Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop
PICA will be hosting a fruit tree pruning workshop with Orin Martin of the Alan Chadwick Garden sometime soon. The date hasn't been set yet, but if you're interested in learning more, please email PICA Outreach Coordinator Kelsey Jones at kemjones [at] ucsc [dot] edu for more information.

Student Sustainability Advisors
Need another way to stay up to date with sustainability related information, news and events? The Student Sustainability Advisors are designed to be a resource to students, staff and faculty and help encourage and promote sustainable living practices -- and they just got a new Facebook page! Give the page a like to further connect with the sustainability community.

Second Harvest Food Drive
The UCSC Holiday Food Drive Team is dedicated to making a difference in our community by helping to provide healthy meals to our neighbors in need. In the holiday spirit of giving, the Second Harvest Food Drive has already begun to collect donations on campus. Every dollar donated provides four meals, and donations can be made here. Students can also donate meals or Flexi dollars at every Dining Hall. Every meal that is donated gives nine meals to people in our community. Can food donations can also be made at Safeway on Mission Street and other areas around town. Please consider donating to those who would otherwise not have a meal this holiday season.

Higher Education Food Summit: Friday, January 16th – Sunday, January 18th
This gathering will invite student government and organization leadership, staff program coordinators and directors, faculty and administrators as well as community food agency leadership to UC Santa Barbara to strengthen partnerships and share best practices to inform action steps toward fostering access, equity, and justice for all. The three day summit will include workshops, speakers, and activities of all levels for individuals to engage with critical issues while building skills and relationships to implement change on college campuses and in the surrounding communities. For more information about the Summit, visit or contact Crystal Owings at cowings [at[ ucsc [dot] edu.

Fall 2015 Natural History Course: applications open Monday, December 1 
A new program launching this fall will immerse students from across the UC system in the outdoor classrooms of the UC Natural Reserve System. The NRS Field Quarter Program will give students opportunities to closely observe California habitats, practice hands-on field research, and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world. California Ecology and Conservation will be the only course students enroll in for the term, and yields a full complement of quarter or semester units. As they visit up to six of the 39 reserves in the NRS, students will master standard field techniques and get to know a broad range of California habitats, climate regimes, and species. The deadline is February 2 and instruction begins in the Fall. Visit the website for more information.

Thirsty for Justice

On December 1st, Take Back the Tap and Love Foundation will be co-hosting the screening of the film "Thirsty for Justice." It begins at 7:30PM at the Oakes Learning Center and afterwards, there will be a discussion.

"In the richest nation on earth, and wealthiest state in the nation, how can so many people lack access to safe affordable water for their basic human needs? Thirsty for Justice shares powerful stories of those who suffer from this assault on their personal health and human dignity, as well as the inspiring story of the grassroots movement that made the human right to water the law of the land in California. Let’s make that right a reality!" Learn more about the film at

Learn more about Take Back the Tap at

Learn more about Love Foundation at

Get into the Holiday Spirit. Donate to the Harvest Food Drive!

With the holidays approaching, we begin to stop and consider those who are unable to provide holiday meals for their families. Working in cooperation with Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz, UCSC helps provide healthy meals to the members of our community who sometimes struggle to put meals on the table. Here in one of the most productive agricultural parts of the country, one in four children in our community go without enough meals. We know that children who go hungry can face more challenges developmentally. We know that the people who are in most need of calories tend to get the lowest quality ones available. This can lead to obesity and type two diabetes. Hunger is a challenge that faces and affects all of us.

The UCSC Holiday Food Drive Team is dedicated to making a difference in our community by helping to provide healthy meals to our neighbors in need. In the holiday spirit of giving, the Second Harvest Food Drive has already begun to collect donations on campus. Every dollar donated provides four meals, and donations can be made here. Students can also donate meals or Flexi dollars at every Dining Hall. Every meal that is donated gives nine meals to people in our community. Can food donations can also be made at Safeway on Mission Street and other areas around town. Please consider donating to those who would otherwise not have a meal this holiday season.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

EcoShift Consulting and SupplyShift Are Seeking Interns to Support Real-World Projects!

Interested in working on fast-paced, applied energy and climate projects in a team environment, and be mentored by seasoned environmental professionals? SupplyShift and EcoShift Consulting are seeking 2-3 motivated interns with strong analytical skills to work with its management staff on three projects next year during winter and spring quarters, possibly longer. If you have 10 hours a week to devote to an exciting internship, read on. 

 EcoShift provides turn-key consulting focused on helping companies and organizations create value through sustainability. EcoShift relies on metrics to set the foundation for change, flexibility, and incorporating sustainability into organizations. EcoShift helps organizations increase innovation, revenue, and strengthen their brand while cutting costs, and reducing risk – all by building sustainability into operations, products, and services. EcoShift seeks interns to work on two projects, ES Project 1 and ES Project 2, as described below. 

SupplyShift is a supply chain sustainability software startup that helps large companies engage the suppliers, factories, and farmers they buy from to track and improve sustainability performance. SupplyShift was a finalist in this year's Sustainable Brands Innovation Open, and is currently working with Stonyfield Farms, Del Monte Foods, UC San Diego and CCF Brands. SupplyShift seeks an intern to work on one project, SS Project, as described below. 

ES Project 1: Support techno-economic studies of solar PV for commercial property owners. For this project, funded by the UCSC Carbon Fund, EcoShift is seeking an intern to work on a variety of tasks related to commercial property energy efficiency and solar PV project characterization, site suitability and economic feasibility studies for target businesses in Santa Cruz County. The project team will work closely with commercial property owner representatives, City of Santa Cruz Climate Action Staff, and financial institutions, as necessary, to complete the scope of work for this six month project. This is an unpaid internship. Course credit can be arranged with the Environmental Studies Internship Office. Preferred skills include: Excel, Word, financial analysis, and familiarity with renewable energy policy, siting and financing. 

 ES Project 2: Support UCSC's Integrated Energy and Climate Strategy project For this project, EcoShift is seeking an intern to work on a variety of tasks related to the firm's role in UCSC's year-long Integrated Energy and Climate Strategy project. Tasks include assisting with data collection and compilation, development and testing of a techno-economic analysis tool, and development of scenarios to support the decision making process on UCSC's long term energy strategy. This is an unpaid internship. Course credit can be arranged with the Environmental Studies Internship Office. Preferred skills include: Excel, Word, building science, and energy efficiency auditing. SS Project: Support SupplyShift, a supply chain sustainability software startup For this project, SupplyShift is seeking an intern to work on a variety of tasks related to onboarding new companies, testing new features, managing their Scorecard Library, graphic design, and research. They're looking for someone who has already had experience working on a sustainability-related internship and who is interested in devoting at least 10 hours a week on an ongoing basis. The internship will begin as unpaid, and could convert to a paid position within 6-9 months. Course credit can be arranged with the Environmental Studies Internship Office. Preferred skills include: Excel, graphic design (In-Design or Photoshop), and familiarity with sustainability rating systems. 

 Most important for all these projects is that applicant can demonstrate that he/she is a quick learner, detail oriented, dedicated and is enthusiastic to work with SupplyShift and EcoShift Consulting, Santa Cruz-based sister firms. If you are interested, please submit a cover letter including which project(s) you are most interested in and why, and a resume with a list of courses completed to Tiffany Wise-West at For more information about the two firms, see and

December 2014: Internships, Employment, & Volunteering


FoCAN is looking for additional interns for winter quarter to work with Intercambio (Exchange). This is an internship opportunity for anyone interested in furthering their understanding of social movements, food systems and globalization. Internships skills consist of event planning, collaborating with sponsors, and working with a team. For additional information contact focan [at] ucsc [dot] edu.

EcoShift Consulting and SupplyShift Seeking Interns
Interested in working on fast-paced, applied energy and climate projects in a team environment, and be mentored by seasoned environmental professionals? SupplyShift and EcoShift Consulting are seeking 2-3 motivated interns with strong analytical skills to work with its management staff on three projects next year during winter and spring quarters, possibly longer. Please see our blog post for a more thorough description of the internship. Visit SupplyShift's site and EcoShift's site for more information and application. 
Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability through Student Service (IDEASS) will have a few select spots available for Winter 2015 enrollment. IDEASS is looking, largely, for ENVS and other social science majors to bring their unique expertise to projects around campus and the Santa Cruz area. Enrollment in IDEASS helps to fulfill the senior exit requirement for almost every major (all ENVS major hoping to do so should contact Adam Millar-Ball at adammb [at] ucsc [dot] edu THIS quarter to be accepted for Winter). Anyone who is interested in applying or is looking for more information should visit the website.
The Food Systems Working Group has an exciting new cadre of student leaders working across their partnerships with Dining, the Farm, and Garden efforts. Are YOU looking for an internship to join them? Email ucscfswg [at] gmail [dot] com if you'd like to find out more!

Campus Food & Garden Guide Editor Recruitment
The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems creates a Campus Food & Garden Guide every year with information about how to get connected and in touch with your food system in Santa Cruz. Gardens, farmer's markets, internships, courses--it's all here! They are now looking for a 2014-2015 Food Guide Editor. Please send an email to ucscfswg [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in this opportunity. Download this year's guide here.

Want to Teach a Class in Sustainability?
The Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) is looking for outgoing, organized and intelligent students who want to create, innovate and teach their own class in sustainability in Winter Training Seminar in 2015. Students will create their own syllabus, lesson plans, learn to lead and facilitate a class, and prepare to teach their own class in Spring 2015. Interested students can email ESLP [at] ucsc [dot] edu or visit their website.

Santa Cruz Sierra Club Seeking Interns & Volunteers
The mission of the Sierra Club is to explore, enjoy, and protect natural places. It is one of the oldest and largest environmental organization in the country, founded by John Muir in the late 1800s. They are seeking interns and volunteers to support outreach efforts, plan events, and conduct research. If you are interested in learning how environmental activism works at the local level, planning fun events and hikes to engage people with our local environment, and supporting the local environment please email [at] sierraclub [dot] org. Visit the websiteFacebook, and MeetUp page for more information.

myActions on Campus is Seeking Smart, Savvy Student Leaders
myActions on Campus has recognized UC Santa Cruz's commitment to develop next generation leaders and wants to invite our students to for two paid internships! Last year 75 campuses across the nation participated, driving over 100,000 sustainable projects and actions in a plethora of communities. These internship roles include Sustainability Campus Intern and Community Service Campus Intern. Don't wait, create change now. For more information visit myActions on Campus page.

Not Busy Enough? Learn with SDSN!
22 units and 3 organizations aren't enough for you? Consider taking FREE classes on Climate Change and Sustainable Development online. Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), is a free online education platform created to advance the field of sustainable development in all regions of the world. Questions? Email edu [at] unsdsn [dot] org or visit their website.

Grassroots Internship in Washington, D.C.
When? Spring 2015. Where? Washington, D.C. Who? The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC). Why? To advocate for federal policy that supports sustainable agriculture and food systems through development of creative, impactful outreach, assisting NSAC members with grassroots outreach campaigns using social media, email and other advocacy tools, conducting research, data analysis, drafting/editing blog posts, etc. This is a paid, full-time internship. Please send resume, cover letter, and the names and contact information for two references to intern [at] sustainableagriculture [dot] net with "Spring Grassroots Intern" in the subject line. For more information: click here.

Summer Naturalist Internship in Aspen, Colorado!
Love nature and leadership? Then come to Aspen, Colorado to lead nature walks, assist with management of the Hallam Lake visitor center, learn about Rocky Mountain ecology, educate the public. Must have an educational background in the natural sciences, environmental education, or related field. Must have first-aid and CPR certification. Employed from June 8-September 7th. To apply, download the application and send to Jim Kravitz. For more information, click here.

Environmental Education Internship in Ogden, Utah!
The Ogden Nature Center in Ogden, Utah is recruiting one AmeriCoprs member for 11 months of service to begin January 26th, 2015. The position offers an opportunity to learn about and practice a wide range of skills. Benefits include a semi-monthly living allowance, individual health insurance, and an education award. Must be a college graduate, interested in environmental education and conservation, articulate writer, computer proficient, and excited to be an AmeriCorps National Service Member with the Utah Conservation Corps. To apply: send resume, cover letter and three references to Stefanie Zwygart, Ogden Nature Center, 966 W. 12 St. Ogden, UT 84404. Application deadline is November 21st.

No Barriers Summit Intern
Are you detail-oriented, driven, industrious, and ready to learn? Then join No Barriers in Fort Colling from January 2015, to July 2015 to learn about nonprofit management, impact important life experiences, gain valuable skills and experience, and have fun! Intern would assist in conference planning, logistics, attendee management, marketing, registration, and sponsors. Application to apply in December 10, though applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and position may be filled prior to this date.

Intercultural Internship Opportunity
This winter quarter, Friends of Community Agroecology Network will be hosting young rural farmers from CAN coffee's food sovereignty sites. Become a FoCAN intern to be involved in event planning and meal preparation for the youth network. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about how other student leaders are tacking sustainability issues in other countries. For more information about how to apply, please contact focan [at] ucsc [dot] edu.


Now Hiring! Project Bike Trip Director and Bike Tech Program Director
Project Bike Trip is hiring! Interested in working for Project Bike Trip? This is an excellent opportunity to practice sustainability, by engaging in a program that offers environmentally friendly and fun means of alternative transportation! In order to manage the growing demand for our Bike Tech Program, we're looking for two professional, self-motivated, highly organized, enthusiastic, innovative, energetic, hard-working individuals to join our team. The Bike Tech Program Director will be responsible for the day-to-day operations for the Bike Tech at School Program. Responsibilities include: coordinating with Bike Tech instructors, working with CTE (Career Technical Education) agencies, curriculum development, networking with sponsoring bike shops and manufacturers, developing an apprenticeship program, collaborating on promotional opportunities, etc. For complete job descriptions and information on how to apply, click here.
California Certified Organic Farmers is an organic certifier, trade association and educational foundation supporting the growth of organic food and agriculture. It seeks to certify, educate, advocate and promote organic food. The Program Assistant (PA) supports the CCOF Policy Department and the CCOF Foundation. For the Policy Director, the PA provides administrative support and coordinates communications and grassroots advocacy support. The PA reports to the Policy Director (20 hours a week) and Foundation Development Manager (20 hours a week). Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Applicants should submit the following: Cover letter summarizing interest in CCOF and the position, qualifications and compensation requirements, current resume, list of three professional references, and a writing sample (800 word maximum). 

Education Manager for Sierra Nevada Journeys
SNJ is seeking a dynamic education professional to expand the program base for Sierra Nevada Journeys in Sacramento, CA. Responsible for education, school and field programs, Family Science Night, sales, marketing, administration, selling SNJ programs, and supporting marketing efforts. For more information: click here.

Get Involved with UC Global Food Initiative 
On July 1, 2014, President Janet Napolitano announced the Global Food Initiative, which will aim to address global issues in the food system. All 10 UC's will be working collectively towards this effort to support sustainable agriculture, healthy eating, and food security. UC Santa Cruz will be playing a critical role in this effort with the support of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) and Daniel Press, Executive Director of CASFS and Professor of the Environmental Studies Department. Daniel Press serves as the campus lead for UCSC in the GFI steering committee. Throughout the upcoming academic year students will be plugged in to subcommittees to uphold this initiative. Check out the UCSC fact sheet here!

SACNAS is looking for a Communications & Marketing coordinator that will work to increase recognition, membership, engagement and fundraise for SACNAS! This position requires a Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, journalism or equivalent. Must have a minimum of 1-2 years' experience in communications or marketing role. To assure full consideration, provide a resume, current salary history and cover letter highlighting minimum and desired qualifications. Application materials should be sent as a single document to: jobs [at] sacnas [dot] org. The position remains open until filled. For more information about the position, click here. For general information about SACNAS, click here


Sprout Up provides free, youth-led environmental education programs to 1st and 2nd grade classrooms in Santa Cruz. Their college student-instructors teach children vital concepts in environmental science and sustainability during the earliest stages of their educational development, cultivating the next generation of passionate caretakers of the earth. Through activities, experiments, and discussions, they get kids thinking in new ways about the world that surrounds them, inspiring them to bring the message of environmental stewardship home to their families and friends. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact them at directorsc [at] sprout up [dot] org, and feel free to visit their website at

Get Involved with Integrated Climate & Energy Study
Interested in climate and energy sustainability? Want to get hands-on experience exploring these topics in relation to our campus? Chrissy Thomure, Climate Action Manager in the Sustainability Office, is coordinating an Integrated Climate & Energy Study with key stakeholders and a consultant. The study launches this year, and students are encouraged to participate! Email Chrissy at cthomure [at] ucsc [dot] edu to find out more.

Arboretum Volunteer Gardening Opportunities
The Arboretum also has volunteer gardening hours throughout the week! Visit their website for details. 

Volunteer for Sea Slugs!

Sea Slugs is a UCSC student-based organization built around environmental activism and community evolvement. The organization has ties with many local organizations including the Save the Waves Coalition and the Surfrider Foundation. For information about meeting times or any other oceanic shenanigans, contact Sea Slugs at seaslug.ucsc [at] gmail [dot] com or visit their website.

Come by the beautiful Stevenson Garden from 1-2 PM on Fridays to help plant seeds, harvest, and have fun in the sun!

Find or Upload Projects to Sustainability Project Clearinghouse

Interested in getting involved in a campus sustainability project, but don't know how? Are you looking for partners for your current project? Have you completed a project that you would like others to learn from? Visit the Sustainability Project Clearinghouse, a centralized database of UCSC sustainability projects, today! You can view published projects or upload your own projects and ideas. For training on how to upload a project, please contact Shauna Casey at scasey [at] ucsc [dot] edu.

Use Your Voice and Drop Your Own Drip!

The Drop Your Own Drip campaign within the Student Environmental Center is conducting a survey about water conservation efforts at UCSC. The campaign aims to use this data to determine possible project ideas for the future.

 The input from students will be voiced to the Water Working Group and the Water Task Force! Please take the survey here: "