Thursday, February 14, 2013

College 9 & 10 Recycling Campaign

The Waste Reduction Team at Colleges 9 and 10 is launching their "Don’t be Trashy, Recycle it Right!” campaign at Kresge College, Porter College, and Colleges 9 & 10. The campaign aims to raise awareness of recycling opportunities on campus and includes a map for each of these colleges that shows where to recycle or compost almost everything, including items such as electronics, food scraps, batteries, ink cartridges, and more.

The maps come with a handy key that describes the function of each type of recycle bin we have as well as having a picture of the bin so that people on campus can identify them. The maps will be up soon, so look for them if you’re in any of those four colleges.

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Jeffrey Helfrich said...

If you want an easy way to recycle in a dorm room check out the Solecan trash/recycle can. or