Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Green Tips: Wastewater Management

What is the Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP)?

The Storm Water Management Plan is a document developed to comply with the State Water Resources Control Board Municipal Permit. The plan details Best Management Practices (BMPs) targeted to reduce storm water pollution, promote public participation and awareness, and to improve the health of our water sheds.

Keep in mind that storm drains are located outside and are not treated. Here are some tips below to maintain the storm water quality on campus!
  1. Properly dispose of all trash. Garbage left in the street eventually ends up in our storm drains.
  2. No dumping pollutants into storm drains. These pollutants stay in our environment on campus.
  3. Buy non-toxic alternative cleaning products for your home.
  4. Take your car to a carwash; it saves 40-100 gallons of water every time you do!
  5. Recycle used motor oil to prevent polluting storm drains while off-campus
  6. Do not service your car on campus.
  7. Use a drip pan when changing motor oil (only change motor oil off campus) to keep potential pollutants from getting into storm drains. 
  8. Clean paint brushes and rollers by rinsing them in a container. Dispose of all old paint only at designated collection sites.
  9. Never dump paint down the gutter
  10. Report any concerns or illegal dumping to the storm water quality hotline at (831) 459-2553.
Interested in getting involved with storm water issues? Contact UCSC Storm Water Management at (831)459-4520 or visit

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