Wednesday, May 22, 2013

June Green Tips: Move-Out

As the academic quarter draws to a close, so do most student housing contracts. Beyond end-of-year bashes (and the subsequent rigor of pre-inspection cleaning) this means one thing... it's move-out season!

In the finals week scramble, it's easy to overlook proper distribution and disposal of your leftover "stuff." Couches, batteries, clothes, and all other matters of household goods have been found trashed or otherwise improperly disposed of both on and off campus in the process. This not only creates unnecessary landfill waste, but can sometimes be outright dangerous.  

Inadvisable method of furniture disposal
With that in mind, here are a few quick and easy tips to make your move-out smooth, safe, and (at least slightly more) sustainable: 
  1. Attend a swap meet. Most college programs offices will host swap meets in the weeks preceding move-out. These are a great opportunity to find new owners for your stuff and divert them from the landfill. Keep an eye out for signs posted around your college. 
  2. Review the recycling and disposal guide for your area of residence: UCSC, the City of Santa Cruz, or Santa Cruz County (for those neither on campus nor in the city). 
  3. Utilize social media outlets. Facebook groups like "Free & For Sale" are a perfectly place to give away or sell your things. You'll need a valid UCSC email to gain access. 
  4. Donate your unwanted goods. There are a number of local charities that would be happy to take your unwanted clothing, books, and more. Look up charities that correspond with your specific donation items, or visit a Zero Waste Move Out Station at any of the colleges during finals week, and use the donation boxes set up there. 
  5. Sign up for the City of Santa Cruz Move Out Program if you live off-campus. The city will pick up  large bulky items, appliances, clothing, e-waste, books, and furniture at no cost, and then either donate them to charity or dispose of them properly. The first 100 to sign up get free pizza! 
  6. Volunteer with zero waste move-out at the your college of choice! Colleges, Housing, and Educational Services (CHES) is facilitating Zero Waste Move Out, and needs student help to make it run smoothly during finals week. Sign up to get more information here, or contact this year's coordinator, Kelsey Smith, with questions. 

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