Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UCSC Students Biking the Coast to Raise Funds, Awareness for Clean Drinking Water

On December 13, with fall quarter behind them and finals all finished, two UC Santa Cruz students will be hopping onto their bicycles to embark on a 300-mile journey from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara in the name of clean drinking water for all people.

Christopher Otte (Porter, Proposed Global Economics) and Randy Miller (Kresge, Proposed Literature) will be riding their bikes along Highway 1 for nearly 300 miles to raise money and awareness for clean drinking water projects. They are seeking sponsorship for the trip from friends, family, and the Santa Cruz community, either as a flat donation or an amount per mile they ride. All funds generated will be donated to Viva con Agua, a charitable organization based in Germany that campaigns for clean drinking water worldwide. They have already raised over $200 as of November 30!

Christopher Otte (left) and Randy Miller (right), pictured here with another friend, will be biking the coast to raise money for clean water projects.

This ride is part of a new on-campus organization called the Love Foundation, whose mission is to sponsor events that are fun and appealing with the ultimate aim of fundraising for clean water projects. A current clean water project that the organization is working to fund through Viva con Agua is in India. Find out more about the Love Foundation on their Facebook page.

Christopher and Randy invite you to join them if you are up for the fun challenge. Because the ultimate purpose is to raise money, anyone joining them needs to be willing to make some phone calls to find sponsors. People joining also need to be competent cyclists that can successfully ride 40-60 miles per day so the group can stay more or less together.

For more information about the project, to inquire about joining the ride, or to donate funds to their cause, please email Christopher Otte at ctotte [at] ucsc [dot] edu.

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