Saturday, March 7, 2015

February Festival Went Green

This year's annual February Festival celebration was on February 27th, celebrating not only campus organization collaboration, but also sustainability!

The February Festival is a campuswide event hosted by the Dean of Students Office where campus organizations come together, table, and celebrate their accomplishments and year goals. Students who attend are able to walk around the event and learn about campus resources and how to get involved in organizations. Historically, the event has been a lot of fun with interactive games, passionate performances, raffles, and really good free food! This was the first year that the Dean of Students Office made one of their major events Zero Waste, supporting our UC sustainability goal of zero waste by 2020. This included compost collection, "trash talkers” at the waste stations from the Zero Waste Team, and taking proactive initiatives like providing only napkins to serve the free pizza. Thank you to the planners of this event and those who made the zero waste efforts possible!

Congratulations to the February Fest planning team for yet another successful and inspiring event!

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