Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sustainability Office Seeking Students to Serve on Campus Sustainability Plan Committees

In partnership with the EVC’s Office, the Sustainability Office is excited to launch the planning process for the updated Campus Sustainability Plan 2017-22 (CSP). We are seeking undergraduate and graduate students to serve on four CSP Focus Committees (outlined below). 

Undergraduate students can apply through the SUA Student Committee on Committees (SCOC) here and should apply as soon as possible. SCOC will appoint one qualified undergraduate student to serve on each committee. Graduate students interested in serving on these committees should contact the Graduate Student Association: gsainfo[at]ucsc[dot]edu.

You can view previous Campus Sustainability Plans and Annual Sustainability Reports on our website here: 

For this year, we have been developing a comprehensive planning process to ensure the updated plan directly supports the university’s core mission of teaching and research, includes input from across campus, support units and academic divisions, includes representation from students, faculty and staff, reflects existing UCOP policies and campus plans, and challenges UCSC to lead and push the boundaries on sustainability goals. 

The four focus committees for this planning process that are seeking student representatives include the following:

1. Learning & Culture (Academic & Co-curricular Engagement, Social Justice & Inclusivity, Campus & Community Engagement)

2. Materials Management & Food Systems (Zero Waste & Resource Recovery, Procurement, Food Systems)

3. Energy & Climate (Energy Efficiency in existing and new buildings, Renewable Energy, Carbon Neutrality Strategy, Energy Conservation)

4. Natural Environment & Infrastructure (Transportation, Land & Habitat, Watershed & Stormwater, Water Conservation) 

For more information about the time commitment and other questions you might have, please email me or contact Sustainability Director Elida Erickson at ekericks[at]ucsc[dot]edu.

Please share this opportunity with other UCSC students!

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