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Thursday, November 2, 2017

November 2017 Sustainability Profile: Jennifer Perez

 Each month, our newsletter features a person or group on campus that is working towards a more sustainable world. This month we had the privilege to interview Jennifer Perez, a voting member of the Campus Sustainability Council. Their Organization helps to provide funds to UCSC student organizations for programs and events that create, implement, and monitor environmentally sound practices on campus. Their goal is to eventually have a collaborative setting between student organizations, faculty, and the Santa Cruz community.
Jennifer Perez
Voting Member of the Campus Sustainability Council 
During the interview, we asked how Jennifer Perez and the Campus Sustainability Council promotes sustainability.

What does sustainability mean?
 "I believe that sustainability is the the use of natural resources.  Sustainability is a institutional change among other components to create better conditions to help the needs of people." 
What sustainable practices do you live by in your daily life?
"My privileged life has given me the opportunity to own a reusable water bottle. I have it with me at all times, and I bring my own utensils for events. I also compost my food. On my less privileged life, my family and I reuse old containers. I try to be very active in many sustainable events."
 How did sustainability become your passion?   
"It became my passion during high school when I took a Marine Biology class. I realized how everything is connected to being sustainable and how it affects the earth."
 What does Campus Sustainability Council do? 
"The Campus Sustainability Council helps by funding student projects, sustainable organizations and other events. Our council consists of students of all years (Freshman-Seniors). During the fall we recruit students to train them for the Winter and Spring quarter. We start with interview process then train them to grow in the council. We collaborate with organizations such as Social Justice. During 2017, we collaborated with the Social Justice Media Center for the the 2nd annual Critical Voices Event. Funded by Alicia Garcia (Black Lives Matter founder)."
 How did you react to the President's political view towards the environment?  
"Our organization was not affected at all since we are self funded; however, I was and still am afraid of the environmental impacts since so many people do not believe in climate change. I believe there's still hope if people keep fighting for our Earth. 

 What is your long-term vision for sustainability at UCSC?
"I feel like we should place more composed bins around campus; however, my vision would be to have all colleges be informed about sustainability."
Is there a message you would like to tell UCSC students? 
" Start putting yourselves out there and help promote sustainability!" 
Campus Sustainability Council 2016-2017

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