Monday, May 14, 2012

Green Tip #4: Help Make Move-Out Zero Waste

Has your room or apartment been filling up with things accumulated during the year? Look for opportunities to swap unwanted items with friends, either informally or at a college sponsored event, such as the Stevenson College Swap Meet at Rock and Roll on the Knoll on June 3. There will also be donation bins around the dorms to collect unwanted items for donation to folks who can use your old stuff.

Going home before finals? Take some of your stuff with you. Start clearing out what you don't need now and avoid the stress and last minute rush.
Source: UCSC aims for Zero-Waste move-out in June 2012
Remember to recycle cans, bottles, and all that collected paper early, because recycling bins fill up within hours during finals week. Lastly, take the rest with you when you move out. Make life a little easier and safer for the workers that have to clean the rooms after move out.

Be part of the Zero Waste solution by planning ahead, utilizing resources around you, and remembering the three Rs of sustainability!

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