Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PROPS PLOP: Sustainability News from the Chancellor's Office!

UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal has started a sustainable trend. 

On May 7, 2012, PROPS (the Program Recognizing Offices Practicing Sustainability) sat down with Chancellor Blumenthal and his office staff to consult on the sustainability of their office operations. During the meeting, the Chancellor was delighted to tell PROPS about their efforts to reduce the paper usage involved with his job. 
According to the Chancellor, at large meetings (such as Regents' meetings), each attendee is given at least one binder full of agenda items. This is a typical occurrence, but the UCSC Chancellor is fed up with the excessive paper use. His alternative? Downloading software that allows him to read, highlight, and mark up the meetings' documents on his computer tablet. Chancellor Blumenthal says that he is the first of the UC Chancellor's to make this transition, but several others have since followed suit. After noticing Chancellor's sleek, tech-savvy appearance at meetings, at least six other UC Chancellors have gone paperless at meetings.

In addition to eliminating binders at his meetings, Chancellor Blumenthal and his staff make conscious efforts to reduce paper usage. "We rarely print anything out anymore," says Maurene Catto, Executive Assistant to Chancellor Blumenthal.

PROPS and the Sustainability Office commend the Chancellor's commitment to sustainable behavior change, and encourage the office to keep up the good work!

To learn more about the Green Office Certification Program (formerly PROPS), visit the website.

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