Monday, October 22, 2012

November 2012: Innovative Approaches to Sustainability at Other Campuses

Here are a few selections of the innovative approaches to sustainability taking place on other college campuses. Each of these examples was chosen because it's something that UCSC could potentially implement in some form. If you see something here that you want to make a reality at UCSC, contact the Sustainability Office and we will help you direct your ideas toward fruition!

DePauw University pilots free bike rental program 

UCSC has a bike library from which you can borrow a bike for the quarter. Wouldn't it be cool if we also had a bike rental program so you could rent a bike for the day or a weekend?

DePauw University of Greencastle, Indiana, is piloting a free community bike rental program in an effort to discourage students, faculty, staff, and visitors from using cars on campus. Starting off with a fleet of 20 bicycles, rentals will be available to all on a 24/7 basis. Did you know UCSC has a bike library? Students, staff, and faculty can borrow a bike for the quarter by filling out an application. Learn more about the UCSC Bike Library here.

Replacing "Trash" Label with "Landfill" at Princeton
In an effort to change recycling behavior, Building Services have replaced “Trash” labels on disposal bins with “Landfill” labels. The university hopes the change in labels will encourage students to think more carefully about their consumption choices. Building Services, the Office of Sustainability and Green Leaders will be gauging the results of this program and its potential effects on disposal over the next few months. Does seeing the word "landfill" give you more pause than the word "trash"? Tell us what makes you think twice about waste and recycling in the comments below.

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