Monday, October 8, 2012

Visions for the year from the Sustainability Office Fall Retreat in 2011

As we reflect on past visions we look forward to the following year.

By the end of this year, I will raise and secure a permanent source of funding annually for all the programs that fall underneath the Campus Sustainability office and for future programs.
- Kirsten, Development Coordinator

I will help sustain the Sustainability Office - support its staff & students, secure ongoing funding, and make sure we take time to celebrate! I will ensure strategic planning for sustainability, climate, the office & its student organizations.
- Aurora Winslade, Sustainability Director
Students at Inter-Org Retreat
I would like to assist the Zero Waste Team in making our campus meet the 75% waste diversion by 2012 and help lay the foundation to meet 100% waste diversion by 2020 through education, legislation, & ACTION!
- Devin Jokerst, Zero Waste Team
Zero Waste Team at Earth Summit

This year, I will work hard and pass on sustainable cultures and attitudes to new interns. Go PROPS! Since I am proud to be a part of the S.O., I want other people to be the same!
- Shannon M.

This year FOSO will increase its presence on campus by engaging new students in sustainable behavior.
- Nicole Fiore

I want to become as involved as possible with Green Campus. The main goal I have is to reduce energy use in buildings on campus and reduce waste in the dorms.
- Delia

This year my goal is to make an impact and bring greater awareness of energy efficiency and water conservation to the UCSC campus!
- Ivan Cheung, Green Campus

I dream for students & faculty to have an infinite love & care to maintaining a healthier greener life on campus. I want to see the philosophy of Zero Waste strive & SOAR at UCSC. I hope that students will always feel motivated to pick up trash wherever they go.
- Elizabeth Lin, Zero Waste

I want to see Take Back the Tap succeed in order to reduce waste on campus and educated peers / staff about tap water. While working on this campaign I hope to expand my knowledge on how to successfully implement change on campus / community / states etc.
- Rebecca, Take Back the Tap 
New water bottle Spigot at Mchenry Library

To find direction in the maze of problems revolving around waste. Finding a way to make waste a positive rather than a negative. Establishing long term positive policy changes in the UCSC waste world.
- Anonymous

Have our University as a whole believe and all contribute to a non-impactive way of living.
- Lauren

This year (2011-2012), I would like to have educated others of the importance of helping save energy, water and other resources. Knowledge is the key to action!
- Siara Barber-Crespo, Green Campus

By Spring 2013 I want to increase UCSC’s energy efficiency to the most it has ever been. I want to see 80% of all the buildings outfitted with energy saving light fixtures and/or sensors. I want to accomplish this feat with coordination amongst student, faculty, and other orgs.
- Daniel Glatman, Green Campus

My vision for this year is to be involved in policy making on campus regarding environmental and the United States as a whole. I want to be able to have a voice and make people listen to the problems with our enviornment.
- Nick Martinez, SSITE

This year SSITE will be the collaborative space for new and current student leaders to engage in the movement towards sustainable development.
- Tan Ha

I envision myself creating a project in the sustainability office either through CSI or Climate Action Plan. I also plan to find successful projects through the CSC.
- Camille, Climate Action Plan

By 2012, June, the time I hope to graduate, I will have strengthened the Carbon Fund logistics, the funded projects by this funding body will be effective in reducing GHG, and prepare the committee for continuing in the future.
- Andrea

I want to become more and more involved in campus sustainability and identify in what way I can become involved that I will be most passionate about. This year, I hope to build relationships with students and staff who are part of sustainability efforts on campus and make their jobs easier and help their projects run smoothly.
- Melissa Ott, Internship Coordinator Assistant 
Sustainability Office Open House 

This year I will support students in developing professional & leadership skills in sustainability.
- Shauna

This year, PROPS will become a major campus operation, led by students, to help UCSC be ever more sustainable!
- Shannon M.

This year FoSO will grow to be a thriving and effective student group that not only supports the Sustainability Office goals, but the campus wide sustainability initiatives as well.
- Olivia

This year Take Back the Tap will serve as a model for future behavioral change campaigns in FoSO and campus-wide. This year I will serve as a peer mentor and share my institutional knowledge and leadership training with as many students as possible.
- Gabi Kirk

This year I will have helped the university in reaching its zero waste goals by inspiring and motivating my peers and faculty to make strong positive change.
- Alexis Gomez, Zero Waste

By the end of the year I will have informed the majority of the student body, staff, and faculty about the Carbon Fund. Additionally I will have helped set the groundwork for a long lasting presence of the Carbon Fund at UCSC.
- Elissa, Carbon Fund
Displaying Carbon Fund poster at the End of Year  Celebration

By the end of this year, I want CSI to have a clear & organized binder with all the important documents needed to make the program super easy to start up again next year. I also want CSI to be a strong, engaging & empowering program for students that have a clear goal or objective. In addition to having students make more amazing projects happen.
- Jay Leu, CSI

I hope to have a better understanding of how the efficiency of offices on campus can be improved. I look forward to working with others to find ways to reduce energy consumption. All campus offices will work tightly with the student body & our campus will become a leading example in the field of sustainability.
- Jon

This year I will make sure students within the sustainability office feel confident in the PROPS program and its goals so they can take it to the next level and keep it going while I’m gone.
- Olivia

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