Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Moving Out and Moving On: Results from First Off-Campus Pick-up Collaboration

Congratulations to UCSC and the City of Santa Cruz community on working towards Zero Waste!  This year, the City of Santa Cruz and UCSC partnered with local donation agencies to collect as much waste as possible from students graduating and moving out throughout the Summer of 2013.  We helped 152 students move out this June, and in doing so we diverted at least 106 mattresses and electronic waste items as well as 915 pounds of household items.  In total, 53 students signed up for the weekend collection events and 98 students signed up for weekday collection of bulky items.  The items were donated to a local charity, saving them from the landfill and allowing others to continue to use them.  

To learn more about how to properly dispose of materials, read UCSC's Recycling and Disposal Guide.

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