Thursday, January 23, 2014

Viridis Aquaponics Begins Supplying Produce to UCSC Dining

The UCSC Dining Halls are now serving produce--in particular, lettuce--that is grown using aquaponics. A company in Watsonville called Vidris Aquaponics is partnering with UCSC Dining to provide sustainably grown food for all 5 dining halls. A recent Santa Cruz Sentinel article on the new partnership explains that "Aquaponics combines hydroponics -- growing plants in water -- and aquaculture, or fish farming, in a symbiotic relationship that strengthens both practices. Instead of massive amounts of fertilizer generally required by hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables, fish waste provides the nutrients. In turn, the plants act as the final step in a series of biofilters that makes it possible to recycle the water back to the fish tanks, where the process begins anew." For more information about how aquaponics works and why it's a sustainable practice, read the full article here, and look out for delicious-looking, aquaponics-grown lettuce in your nearest dining hall!

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