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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Cultivation of Community

Dani Allen, Mckenzie Skyberg, and Brooke Boeger wanted to do their creative final project on bringing back ideas of community. Since they were all in the Ecovillage, they all valued having a sense of togetherness and agreed that harnessing that power is the only way to create the transformative future they want to see. The images used a seed, a germinated plant, and a fruit tree as a metaphor speaking to the cultivation of community, which is also what it's titled. The growing seed, plant, and tree are all made from words and phrases that they believed to be meaningful to community; like, "we turn to eachother, not on eachother," "celebrate unity," and "togetherness". The increase in hands as the pieces progress is meant to illuminate how as community grows so does the power it holds. With that they wanted to make the point that this is a true collaboration, each one of them worked on each part of each board. The pieces would not be anything like they are without the each of their contributions. They worked together to accomplish something greater and that's important in the individually driven society we live in today. Dani said, "collectively we created something better than what any of us could have individually made."

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