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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Bring Your Hand Towel to Work Week" at UCSC Financial Affairs Office

By Lori Van Briggle, Data Entry Supervisor for UCSC Payroll

The Financial Affairs Green Team's second annual "Bring Your Hand Towel To Work Week" wrapped up on February 7. This year we set up a table in the mezzanine of 2300 Delaware for the week of February 3-7 with a whiteboard asking Financial Affairs staff to pledge to take the Chancellor's survey and to use a hand towel for one week. If you took the pledge, your name and unit were written on a leaf and the unit with the highest percentage of participants won treats from Kelly's Bakery.

The participation was amazing! Not only did we have volunteers manning the table (sacrificing half hour of their lunchtime) for 2 hours each day, but we also had 82% of our staff take the pledge! Our hope is that after using a cloth towel for a week, staff would realize it is not a difficult change to make in order to save resources and put fewer paper towels into the landfill.

Awesome work, Financial Affairs Office! To learn more about what the Financial Affairs Green Team is doing to make UCSC a more sustainable place, email Kirk Lew at kllew [at] ucsc [dot] edu to join their newsletter list!

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