Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Get Involved with UC Global Food Initiative

On July 1, 2014, President Janet Napolitano announced the Global Food Initiative, which will aim to address global issues in the food system. All 10 UC's will be working collectively towards this effort to support sustainable agriculture, healthy eating, and food security.  

UC Santa Cruz will be playing a critical role in this effort with the support of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) and Daniel Press, Executive Director of CASFS and Professor of the Environmental Studies Department. Daniel Press serves as the campus lead for UCSC in the GFI steering committee. Throughout the upcoming academic year students will be plugged in to subcommittees to uphold this initiative. Check out the UCSC fact sheet here! 

1) GFI lead Damian Parr (dmparr [at] ucsc [dot] edu) and fellow Alyssa Billys (abillys [at] ucsc [dot] edu) are working on media videos focusing on student experiential learning at CASFS as well as demonstration gardens. 

 2) GFI lead Tim Galarneau (tgalarne [at] ucsc [dot] edu) and fellow Crystal Owings (cowings [at] ucsc [dot] edu) are working with food pantries to promote food security on campus. 

 3) GFI lead Mary Beth Pudup ( and fellow Joanna Ory (jory [at] ucsc [at] edu) are working on a lecture series based on food equity.

 4) GFI lead Katie Monsen (kmonsen [at] ucsc [dot] edu) and fellow Alyssa Billys are working on a catalog that will document all sustainable food systems and food systems research UC wide. 

 5) GFI lead Amy Bolton (abolton [at] ucsc [dot] edu) is working is working on a tool kit to promote and create Farmers Markets on UC campuses. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these GFI subcommittees, please contact any of the emails listed above. 

Also, stay tuned for a Town Hall so that UCSC's GFI leads and fellows can get your input on these efforts. " UCSC News Featured Calendar Events (on sidebar of newsletter, posted on calendar not blog)

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