Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Carbon Fund Crowdfunding

Hello all,

The Carbon Fund team is proud to announce that we have just launched a crowdfunding project through our university. Our goal is raise $10,000 in five weeks, but we need your help to make that happen! Your generous donations will be used to help fund climate action and sustainability projects led by UCSC students. UC Santa Cruz is a leader in sustainability and known to be one of the “greenest” universities in the nation. Student organizations, such as the Carbon Fund, work towards making our university's vision of becoming a carbon neutral campus a reality. The Carbon Fund provides funding for student, staff, faculty, and community projects that mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on campus and in the community. In 2010, students passed Measure 44, which allocated $3 per student per quarter to the Carbon Fund. Every year, Measure 44 generates $110,000 to be used for campus sustainability projects that decrease our carbon footprint. Although this is a large amount of money, it is not nearly enough.

In 2014, applicants asked the Carbon Fund for $604,393 in funding for their projects. The Carbon Fund granted $177,002, resulting in a $427,391 funding gap! The Carbon Fund's lack of funds is majorly inhibiting applicants from completing incredible projects that reduce our campus' carbon footprint. We are asking for your help to close this funding gap and support our goal of becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2025! Your donation, whether big or small, will have a tremendous impact on the UCSC campus and global environment. Visit to donate. We greatly appreciate your gift, and so does our earth, atmosphere, and every other living organism on the planet. Lastly, please feel free to forward this information to your networks and spread the word! Thank you!!!

Cheers, The UCSC Carbon Fund Team

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Michael Clarke said...

The Carbon Fund continually works as a granting body to provide funds for projects that will reduce UC Santa Cruz’s carbon footprint. Eventhough there is a campaign held the amount is not sufficient to raise its fund and expand its growth.