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Thursday, February 23, 2017

March 2017 Sustainability Profile: Angela Duong

Angela Duong

Zero Waste Team Coordinator

College Affiliation:

Environmental Studies with a double minor in Legal and Sustainability Studies

What does "sustainability" mean to you?
Sustainability means the world to me! Although there are official definitions for sustainability, I believe sustainability has many definitions. It can mean using a reusable water bottle or saving plastic containers for knick knack storage and snacks. Sustainability is a diverse term that can span across different spectrums of of culture, perspective and daily actions. By committing myself to sustainability, I have learned so much about reducing, reusing, refusing and conserving my actions and choices to more limited and sustainable choices. I believe sustainability can be more than economic choices; it can be simple behavioral changes or understanding the impact of our choices on the environment!

What projects are you working on?
Currently, I am working on creating more awareness for zero waste on our campus. As the Zero Waste Team Coordinator, I manage a team of five dedicated individuals towards the “Zero Waste by 2020” goal. I work with campus stakeholders to effectively communicate our commitment towards zero waste by supporting Zero Waste Events on and off campus, coordinating with student organizations or staff/faculty about making their organizations and departments more zero waste and creating material for the campus on becoming more zero waste. I would consider myself to be a great student resource for zero waste and am always willing to chat or answer any questions related to waste.

How does sustainability relate to your role at UCSC?
Sustainability relates to my role at UC Santa Cruz in my day to day life. I made the decision to major in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Legal and Sustainability Studies due to my passion for environmental policy and its importance in setting the stage for environmental regulations and legislations in our political world. My greater passion is within waste management and resource reclaim. I believe more focus needs to be on the where and how derived materials are extracted for the products we use rather than the eventual recyclability. 

How do you practice sustainability in your daily life?
I always carry around my love for reusables! My backpack holds my reusable water bottle, reusable coffee cup and sleeve, reusable cloth napkin, a glass straw, my spoon fork knife, reusable sandwich bags and tupperware for snacks. I am conscious of my economic choices and what I consume.  

Have you had a favorite sustainability moment at UCSC?
Inter-org is the best time ever. Inter-org is a place where sustainabilities are made! I love Inter-org because I met my best friends there and I have never been to a retreat where I had opened my perspectives so much than Inter-org!

Favorite Green Tip?
BYOE- Bring your own everything!

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