Saturday, January 26, 2013

Strengthening the Roots Convergence and Community Seed Summit: February 22-24

Join us for a weekend-long student organized event that brings together students, community members, seed savers, gardeners, farmers, and food justice activists to share skills and resources while building face to face relationships with one another.

The summit will:

  1. Connect participant stakeholders with community based initiatives to help build a resilient and bioregional food system.
  2. Ground participants with the story of seeds and how they are at the crux of cultivating a sustainable agricultural system.
  3. Be interactive and fun, thereby acknowledging all participants as teachers and learners. 
Events include:

  • Speaker Panel on Saturday, February 23 from 7-10 PM - including Dr. Vandana Shiva 
  • Seed and Culture Exchange - Saturday, February 23 from 5-6:45 PM 
  • A series of interactive workshops in seed saving/stewardship, creating local seed library and cooperative networks, creating and managing student-gardens/farms, building beginner farmer programs, and developing fair trade systems. 
  • Open spaces for dialogue allowing for participants to actively facilitate discussions and take action on meaningful topics.

Click here to register for the Summit. For more information and general inquiries please email the organizers.

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