Wednesday, January 23, 2013

February 2013: Classes, Training, & Community

Join the Kresge Natural Foods Co-op
The Kresge Community Natural Foods Co-op is a non-profit student-run food store located on the south side of Kresge College. It has been a Kresge College tradition for over twenty years, supporting small farmers, the UCSC Farm Project, and the Kresge Organic Garden. While anyone can buy food at the Food Co-op, members receive a discount. The Co-op operates as a collective and a variety of membership options are available. Special pricing is available on bulk orders. Come in for groceries, lunch, snacks, hot coffee, tea, or just to spend time with your friends. Hours: Weekdays 9 AM - 6 PM To contact the Food Co-op, call 426-1506, or attend the bi-weekly meetings every other Sunday at 11 am in the Student Lounge.

Enroll in ESLP for Spring quarter
We invite you to enroll in the Education for Sustainable Living Program’s (ESLP) class for Spring quarter! The Spring class incorporates both 2 and 5 unit student led sections and a Monday Night lecture series. Some section topics include: restoration and ecopsychology, land and habitat conservation, sustainable urban design, green business, vegan cooking, and other topics in the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus. Sign up through College 8 for CLEI 61 or 161 for Spring Quarter (2-unit and 5 unit options available). 

Garden Market Carts
The garden market cart is a stand created through the collaboration of four different campus gardens (College Eight, Kresge, PICA, and Stevenson) that aims to give out homegrown campus goodies and to educate students and staff about our school's gardens. This quarter, the cart will be at S&E Library on Friday, January 25th, from 10-11:30AM and at McHenry Library on Friday, February 15th from 10-11:30AM to pass out free veggie and herb bundles. Those interested in getting more involved should contact Lidia Tropeano.

Garden Work Days
Want to feel the soil between your hands and help cultivate some growth and community? Garden work days for the campus gardens can be found on our online calendar here.

Heard about other sustainability related classes, trainings, or community opportunities around Santa Cruz or the campus? Post in the comments or send us an email

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