Friday, February 22, 2013

UCSC Getting Greener: One Office at a Time

UCSC’s Green Office Certification Program is currently working with the offices of Student Union Assembly, Enterprise Financial Systems, and Controllers. Along with Extramural Funds—which received a Sprout certification last month—these offices will join the ranks of staff and students that have committed to practicing sustainability in their everyday lives.
By going through Green Office’s complete certification process—including assessments of energy use, office waste, and individual behaviors—the members of these offices have been able to improve upon existing positive behaviors and locate areas of office life where unwanted wasted can be eliminated.

Common examples of improvements are installing power strips that make it much easier to turn off appliances and avoid “phantom energy”, prompt reminders to turn off lights and computers, and making sure that everyone is educated on what belongs in recycling and what goes in the trash.

The offices of Business & Administrative Services have signed on to join in this process next quarter, and we welcome any and all other offices on campus to sign up as well by signing our interest form. Additional information on our process, and helpful resources for recycling and purchasing, can be found on our website.

Fostering sustainability in our community is best done on a personal, individual, level—and UCSC office members across campus are making that happen by committing to sustainability in their everyday lives. Join them today!

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