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Thursday, May 22, 2014

June 2014 Green Tip: End of the Year

Hey Slugs!
The end of the school year is finally upon us! When you are moving out of your dorm/house/wherever you lay your head don't forget to do it sustainability. We have compiled a few tips here to make sure you divest as much waste as you can from the landfill.

1. Reuse Boxes
When packing up don't go down to an office supply store and buy new boxes. Many stores will give you their leftover boxes for free! The UCSC Bookstore even puts piles of boxes up front as moving day gets closer. Reuse as much packing material as possible. Once you are back home and safely unpacked, save the boxes for moving back or give them to a friend in need!

2. Sell things you won't need any more
What are you going to do with your couch now that you're going to study abroad next year? What do you do with your microwave now that you're moving into an apartment with friends that already have one? Sell it! Or give it away. Post your items on Craigslist or even on the Free and For Sale UCSC Facebook page and move your goodies on to a new home!

3. Recycle all the school-year paper
Don't throw your pages and pages of Feminist Studies 1 notes in the garbage. Keep your BIO20C away from the landfill. And definitely don't trash all the hand outs you got in Writing 2. If you don't plan on keeping your school-year papers for future reference make sure you put them in the recycling!

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