Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rumi's Field Nonviolent Communication Night

By Preethi Ruvva, Education & Outreach Team Associate for the Sustainability Office

On May 10th, College Ten themed floor, Rumi's Field, planned an event on nonviolent communication, conflict resolution and conflict transformation in light of Rumi's teachings. A speaker panel from the Resource Center for Nonviolence and a couple of residents that live on Rumi's Field engaged in a conversation that brought about the ideas of nonviolence and conflict resolution in today's world.

The residents of Rumi's Field took a 1 unit class in the Fall Quarter taught by Amanda Cook on Nonviolent Communication based on the concepts of Marshall Rosenberg. NVC is all about self-empathy, empathy for others and honest self- expression using "I" statements. These "I" statements are used to express one's needs, feelings, and requests in any sort of situation. Being able to communicate strategically and effectively is a great skill in college, home and in a professional setting. 

Being the Resident Assistant of this floor has been a great experience because I get to interact with and work with energetic residents on a daily basis who are passionate about nonviolent communication, self transformation, and social justice issues. 

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