Monday, April 21, 2014

May 2014 Sustainability Profile: Julie Foster

Each month, our newsletter features a person or group on campus that is working toward a more sustainable world. This month features Julie Foster, a second year Stevenson College affiliated student who has been making a great effort to help UCSC become a bike-friendly university.

Julie and Rizzo

Position Titles: Bike Library Coordinator, Bike Friendly Campus Initiatives Intern, and Student Environmental Center Personnel Organizer and Blueprint Intern

Favorite Green Tips: Do it yourself! I think the best green tip is to not be so reliant on modern technology, consumption, and buying new things. Try skipping the bus or car and transporting yourself with human power like walking, skateboarding, or bike riding. And try reducing your waste by taking old trash and remodeling it with a DIY ideas (I'm a big fan of pinterest projects).

What does "sustainability" mean to you? I like to think being sustainable is doing what you can to minimize your impact on Earth. It is keeping the Earth healthy and doing your part to ensure the human relationship with nature has that component of giving back to the world rather than just taking what we can without considering the consequences.

How does sustainability relate to your role at UCSC? Throughout this year I have been really active with the sustainability community on campus through my involvement with the Student Environmental Center and my work on the Bike Library. However, I think the most important role I play that relates to sustainability on campus is simply my role as a student. As much as I can do myself by working on projects, my impact will never be as great as the impact all campus affiliates can make together. You do not have to be actively involved with the environmental community to participate in the projects and resources all the amazing sustainability orgs on campus create. Sometimes the little things can have the largest effect.

How do you practice sustainability in your daily life? I ride my bike! As much as possible I try to choose my bicycle and forego automobile transportation. This reduces my carbon footprint, plus it can be so much fun!

Have you had a favorite sustainability moment at UCSC? As a huge bike fan and the coordinator I might be a little biased, but I really love the Bike Library Program. This project started as an Education for Sustainable Living Program course, then it became a Student Environmental Center campaign, and now it lives with TAPS. It is fascinating to track how much it has grown through all these organizations and how well it has brought people together. The mission is to get people on bikes who would otherwise not be able to have bikes to promote sustainable transportation and self sufficiency. Like the Bike Library on Facebook to stay updated on cool bike stuff!

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Melissa Ott said...

Julie is such an awesome bike advocate to work with! She is involved in so much this year, working to support a more sustainable and environmentally conscious UCSC. So glad to know her and be able to collaborate on awesome bike events and education opportunities with her!