Thursday, October 23, 2014

474 Students Visit the Natural Reserve Classroom

Week Two of Fall Quarter 2014 was a big one for getting students out into our grand Campus Natural Reserve outdoor classroom here at UCSC. All of the following classes had on-campus field trips where students were able to explore living examples of their course content:

  • General Ecology (ENVS 24; 198 students in 10 sections) 
  • Development and Physiology (BIOE 20B; 98 students in 6 optional hikes)
  • Collaborative Learning (KRSG 72/172; 120 students in a one big group!)
  • Jack Mazza's Senior Project, the Natural History of UCSC Field Group (15 students)

In addition, 3 stewardship interns, 13 Forest Ecology Research Plot interns, 2 plant photo library interns, education/art/outreach intern, and 24 College 8 freshman during the C8 Sustainability Project worked on projects on the Campus Natural Reserve. Indeed a big week--474 students in total! Thanks to all for participating, and we hope to see you out there. Contact Alex Jones at for information on internships, class field trips, and volunteer opportunities.

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