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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Innovative Approaches to Sustainability at Other Campuses

"Design in Transit": Reimagining VTA and Inspiring Conversations
San Jose State University's Graphic Design students wowed transit professionals at the SubZERO Festival with their reimagined version of VTA's public transit, paratransit and bike share system, which caught the eye of everyone in attendance. The exhibit present five comprehensive brand designs from 17 B.F.A Graphic Design students. From fresh paint jobs to business cards, everything was reimagined. President of the Works/San Jose Board of Directors, Joe Miller asked the students to "rethink public transit in the Silicon Valley, to look at that really broadly, so not necessarily what the current VTA is physically but what all the transit for the area could be." The VTA commends the creativity and hard work of the “Design in Transit” designers: Kendra Biggs, Brandon Boswell, Jordan Brady, Glenn Cardenas, Hoyin Chan, Kayla Clarot, Maya Ealey, Cindy Fu, Stefanie Galvan, Donghoh Han, Jonathan Heath, Michael Mirchandani, Tommy Pham, Rachel Poage, Kelsey Sutherland, Eloisa Tan, and Marya Yama. Congratulations to everyone involved and keep thinking big!

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