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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Supporting Carbon Neutrality By 2025!

I’m Ariel Lee, and I’m a 4th year Environmental Studies major. Near the end of my 2nd year at UCSC, I realized that I hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunities on campus to get involved. I knew I wanted to make a difference, but I couldn’t pinpoint just one specific environmental issue that I was passionate about. I joined the Student Environmental Center, a student-run sustainability organization where learned more outreach and leadership skills than I knew what to do with! This year, I am the Carbon Fund outreach coordinator at the Sustainability Office. I became inspired to dabble in outreach when I began to notice that some of my closest friends weren’t wary of local and global environmental issues. I wanted to spread awareness. My family requested a smaller trash can from the city (Sacramento) years ago. We’ve always recycled. We reuse. We have a bin in the kitchen sink that catches extra water and use it to water plants. My dad even makes sure our water heater is on low to keep our hot showers short. I’m out of there ASAP! I don’t remember a time in my life when my family didn’t instill these simple habits in the house. With that said, I’m enjoying my time with the Carbon Fund, and I can’t wait to see all the greenhouse gas-reducing projects that we fund this year!

If you’re interesting in applying for a grant, come to our info session in the College Eight Red Room from 4-6 pm on Thursday, October 23. Here’s to an inspiring year! 

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Melissa Ott said...

Thanks for sharing about the history of sustainable living in your life, Ariel! It's awesome that you noticed a lack of awareness, saw yourself capable of providing outreach in our community, and took this opportunity to get involved. We're so glad you're part of the Office this year!